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Site created on March 17, 2018

Dear family & friends,

I’m going to attempt to present some very recent bad news about Marilyn that will likely upset you. Please know it’s meant to inform you of her situation with some details since I can’t repeat the story over and over again. After you’ve had a chance to process this information, I hope you’ll send her some of your great energy, love, white light, prayers or whatever positivity you express when offering your support.

Unfortunately, we just learned that Marilyn’s esthesioneuroblastoma has reappeared. This time the tumor has manifested in her brain, and it’s very large in size, about the size of a tennis ball, and it’s located in the frontal lobe area - this problem requires immediate attention. We just discovered this two days ago while we were in Ketchum which explains our sudden departure for the Bay Area. 

Yesterday, we spent the entire day with the Neurological team at Stanford Medical Center. She is now in the capable hands of two excellent surgeons, Dr. Griffith Harsh and Dr. Michael Kaplan, and she still has Dr. Willard Fee actively watching out for her on the sidelines.

She is scheduled for surgery early Wednesday morning, March 21 (x-apple-data-detectors://4). It could be a ten hour procedure and is called a Bifrontal Craniotomy. After the procedure she’ll be in the IC unit for 2/3 days and then remain in the hospital recovering for another approximately 5 days.

Assuming all goes as designed, she will leave the hospital and begin some physical therapy immediately thereafter. They have not determined if chemotherapy treatment will be required and because she was already treated with radiation back in 2003, they’ve ruled out that option.

Marilyn is as strong as any person I’ve ever met. As you all know, she’s been through a number of very rough patches with her health and has always shown the determination and the will to come out the winner.   She has that drive now too which is essential - she also has a great medical team in place. As important, she also knows she has all of you with your love and support working overtime for her.

During the next couple weeks it will be difficult for me to keep you all posted on things going forward given my other demands. Please know, your notes, expressions of kindness, concern and support will be greatly appreciated even if not answered properly. 

Marilyn really loves you all, and I do too. We thank you for your concern and support!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Steve Rivera

I’m aware that it may be just a bit too long since I’ve updated you on Marilyn’s situation etc. Not only is this new territory for us, but it’s a long, in depth and tiring process one could never envision without experiencing firsthand.  

We’re still acquiring all the necessary information to make decisions about how we’ll proceed.  We really do appreciate your patience and look forward to when we’re ready to share our plans for next steps which we should have in place by early next week.  

As you can imagine, it takes ALL of our energy each day to redirect our focus from this which is why we enjoy your positive and uplifting messages, and once we have evaluated every bit of information possible, we’ll be able to update you with exactly how we plan to make our way back to each of you!”

Thank you for your patience and most of all for your love and concern. More soon. Xoxo

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