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Site created on June 6, 2019

While impromptu visits are just fine, if you know in advance that you are visiting, please let me or Cheri know so we can write it in mom's appointment book.  This will give her something to look forward to and help her to be able to articluate the date and track time even better.  She loves having guests for meals.  She has no dietary restrictions so if you happen to be able to stop by and eat with her she can have outside food brought in.

To “get on mom’s calendar” please text us both and whichever of us is there will write it down on her calendar for her.  One of us is there nearly all the time.

Jacki: 763-228-2556
Cheri: 612-518-4955

Visits of about 5-15 minutes are usually perfect outside of meals.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jacki Brickman

If you are thinking, "Wait, Jacob's having a graduation party tomorrow?  I wonder why I wasn't invited?"... consider yourself invited.  As you can imagine, with moving and mom's stroke many things have been left undone... and Cheri is usually the one who picks up my unfinished pieces and she's been a little distracted too.  I may have recently found some addressed envelopes that never made it to the mailbox. Message one of us for our new address if you'd like to come celebrate Jacob with us.  

If you are coming to the graduation party, here are a few things for you to consider when coming up and talking with mom.  
  • While she may seem like she is nearly back to her baseline, she still has a lot going on neurologically.  She is busy re-learning many things so things that are easy for us are exhausting for her.   This is especially true for conversations.  Language retrieval is one of the biggest deficits from the stroke.  Her speech and language therapist explained it using this analogy: Our brains categorize things in an imaginary file cabinet.  Words are filed and cross referenced. For example, Apple would be in the fruit file, the red file, the green file, the file with the letter A, and so on.  When someone has a stroke, it is like a toddler got into the file cabinets and threw all the files in the air.  The words are still there, she is just having to work so hard to find them and put them together.  This means the conversations can be exhausting.  Just sitting near each other is often even better than conversation.


  • She sometimes has trouble retrieving names.  She may call you by the wrong name or refer to someone else by the wrong name.  Just go with it.

  • She sometimes uses the wrong pronouns.  She may say "You need to...." and she is really trying to say, "I need to..."  Just go with it.

  • Don't ask her about her stroke, how she is feeling, or what happened.  She would much rather hear about you and your life instead of giving her newly revised medical history over and over.  She answers those questions all day long at the hospital with her medical professionals. If you feel the need to say something about her health you can let her know you've been reading the Caring Bridge and are so happy she is recovering, then move on.  Quickly.  

  • One of us will try and be with her all of the time, if you happen to be with her without us and she needs to go to the bathroom, please come get one of us even if she tells you she can go by herself or with your help.  

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