Lynn’s Story

Site created on June 27, 2018


It began with a simple blood test as part of an annual physical exam for a good friend whom I have known since elementary school. The results revealed an abnormal kidney function. Additional tests were ordered and it was confirmed that her kidney was indeed failing; in fact, it was Stage 5 kidney disease. She was immediately placed on kidney dialysis and began to search for kidney. Despite this hardship, as we all know, Lynn remained a loving and caring friend, always more concerned with others than herself. 

Fast Forward 5 years:

The day before her birthday, Lynn received news there was a kidney available in Philadelphia that matched! She and her friend, Kristine, hurriedly left for University of Pennsylvania, had the transplant, and she is in recovery as a write this.  

 As most of you know, Lynn is a single mom, and was struggling to make ends meet during this period of time. I am learning that recovery from this type of surgery is quite precipitous to say the least. Therefore, I think we should set up a fund to help Lynn keep her home and pay for her (many) expenses as she returns home.  I am sure any donation to our loving friend will be appreciated as it will assist with the expenses of the household as well as the forthcoming medical bills too! I thank you from the bottom of  my heart. I remain optimistic and look to a positive recovery for Lynn.   There is a link below for a Personal Fundraiser.  We will post updates there as well.  Thanks, Jill

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