Logan Perkins’s Story

Site created on November 7, 2018

Logan Perkins is an 8th grader at Park Day School in Oakland.  Gloria Perkins, Logan's grandmother (the person who has been his primary parent and guardian for most of his life) sadly passed away after a very sudden, short illness a few weeks ago.   As we all can imagine, it is a very difficult time for all of them.  Park Day School is a caring and giving community.  

The most urgent concern of the family right now is preparing for Ms. Perkins' memorial service to be held on Nov. 17 (specifics pending).  The most significant need is for finanical donations to help offset the cost of Ms. Perkins' life celebration.  They are expecting a large attendance.  Please use this Caring Bridge site to make a contribution on behalf of Logan, to share your sympathy or offer a story you might want to share with the family about Ms. Perkins.  

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