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Journal entry by Lisa Simpson

Well, I'm not very good about updating regularly. I'll try to do better. 2 days ago, I had my second round of chemotherapy. Things went exactly as they should have. I was healthy and there was no reason for a delay of treatment -- for that I am very grateful.

I've learned a few things:

1) when my taste is off (which is for about two week after chemo) coffee tastes awful and that makes me sad because I like it so much.
2) before my next round of chemo, food will taste like something resembling what I expect it to taste like, but just for a few days before it all changes again.
3) they weren't kidding when they said hair falling out will give you a headache. Ouch! Ladies, it is like if you part your hair in a different direction and it is sore on your scalp, but all over your head. Just so tender and headachy. I was pretty sure I'd be okay with the hair loss -- I've had so many different haircuts, I figured this will grow in too. BUT, actually cutting it was more emotional that I expected. Now that it is done, though, I am so much more comfortable and glad I don't have to worry about it falling everywhere I go. 

The love and support of friends and family near and far has been astounding. Truly. I don't have the right words to express the amount of love I have felt by gestures both big and small done with so much consideration and love for me and my family. Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and encouragement. 

As for how I'm doing -- I'd say pretty well. Having never done this whole process before, I can't say for sure, but I seem to be on the lower end of the spectrum of all the BIG problems and I'm very grateful that my body is (for now!) seeming to handle the treatment well. The first week after chemo seems to be the hardest and then things get better slowly until I'm feeling almost "normal" (except extra tired) coming into the next round. At least that's how it was last time. Getting that small window of feeling more like myself was a big mental boost. Also this week and next I have excellent support at home -- my parents are spending two weeks with us while David is away for work. This means I have help with all the normal stuff like laundry, food, kitchen duty, carpooling and keeping Julian entertained during the day and the boys have extra book-readers and chef-in-training teachers. What a blessing it has been to be able to rest when I need to and know that the house isn't falling apart and even be able to get out and run a few quick errands on my own.

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