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Site created on May 31, 2019

Welcome to Lilia's site.  To those of you wondering how we found out that Lilia was sick, here is the backstory we wish to share. Beginning of May, Lilia was limping quite a bit. She had fallen so we figured it was due to that. The problem didn’t seem to be improving so we took her for a massage which seemed to help but only temporarily. We wondered in between about bladder infection, so she was put onto medication for that, but her bloodwork for that came back clear. So we stopped the medication. Back to the massage therapist to try to correct her bladder issues. Her health seemed to be getting worse, and she was more tired and grumpy than usual. So on Wednesday, May 29, we took her to see the doctor again. The Dr. sent us for bloodwork and X-rays right away.  The next morning, May 30, the  Dr called and said we needed to go back in and redo one of the blood tests. The X-ray showed a fracture on the fibula of her left leg.  Her blood work showed she was severely anemic which was all the Dr told us over the phone. But we needed to go to emergency as soon as possible. So Eric rushed home while I packed some bags as she’d told us we’d need to be going to a hospital that had a Pediatrician( most likely Vancouver).  We went to emergency (in Salmon Arm) and met with the Dr who gave us the news that our Daughter Lilia had leukaemia! Dad and Mom as well as Craig and Theresa came to be with us there. Also my grandparents and Rogan came and Lilia was so excited to see Rogan! While we were all busy crying, Lilia couldn’t figure out what was wrong and made it her job to keep handing out kleenex to us all!   Lilia got a blood transfusion at the Hospital. At 6:30, Mom, Dad, Janae, and I left to drive to Vancouver. Lilia and Eric waited with Craig’s until the air ambulance came to transfer Lilia at 9:30. When we arrived at the emergency at Vancouver  Children’s Hospital we had a late night meeting with several of the oncologists on call for debriefing. Got up to our room at 4!  For Lilias go fund me please follow this link:

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kaitlyn Wiebe

Well.... The day is here. The first day of maintenance. It's such an unexplainable feeling. Happy. Scary. Exciting. But all in all it's good to not have to go to Vancouver until May 22. Is it strange that it's almost sad? We've made friends with all those nurses and doctors and other families staying at Ronald McDonald House. 
We actually got to see quite a few of our friends this time as our appointments overlapped. It seems lately that a lot of people have been having bad news and it's so sad. We feel their pain so much deeper than we would have used to. And then we feel a little guilty that Lilia is doing as well as she is.

 This time we heard that a sweet sweet little 2 year relapsed and there's honestly not much hope for her. Another of our little friends there has a biopsy on Monday. Her mom is scared because her daughter has been complaining of symptoms that are typical of a relapse. Our prayer list grows and grows. 

We're actually on our way home now. Lilia did really well today. Our nurse today calls her a superstar because even though she was so scared of being accessed, she lays so still and just endures it. We asked for an IV dose of gravol so that Lilia could have an extra boost of anti nausea and also help her sleep. It seems to have worked as she's sound asleep beside me. Maybe I'll nap too. Lilia wanted to go home today to see Papa and Nana and Nae. They've been gone, so she is ready to see them again. 

Thanks for all the love on my last post and please keep praying. 
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