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We have created this spot to share all the news on this terrific young guy's recovery from his brain infection in early December!  Thank you to everyone for the love and prayers sent to Liam!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jill Stahl Tyler

An update directly from Mom Kim:

Liam's neurological assessment day was today, January 8th!

He had a great report from the docs. His fave Neurology Dr Rabia Buridi showed him his MRI and she said it looks really good for everything he went through. His  inflammation was just about all gone and the steroids worked! 

His neurosurgeon, Dr Simmons, said Liam looked really good too! Liam asked him to explain what he did in the surgery and Dr Simmons said:

He performed a craniotomy which is the surgical removal of part of the bone from the skull to expose the brain.  Specialized tools are used to remove the section of bone called the bone flap. The bone flap is temporarily removed, then replaced after the brain surgery has been done. The neurosurgical team drained and removed the empyema pus in the front  and back of his head and ran a catheter between his hemispheres to remove it from there. They also saw what looked like an infection or dry pus on his pia mater, the membrane touching his brain. They were unable to remove it and used an aggressive broad spectrum of antibiotics to kill it. 

Then his Infectious Disease Doctor  Parsonnet also said he looked great, and the broad based antibiotics were working and continue taking them until Jan 15th. Still no bacteria has grown in the cultures. 

Neurosurgeon Dr Simmons gave Liam a thumbs up to return to school and slowly work out with his Clarkson LAX Tea--but without any contact. 

The last week of January, Liam is scheduled to have a CT of his cranial sutures, to see how they are healing and if they have fuzed completely back together. The longer they have to heal, the more optimal it is for the bone to fuze back together.

Liam is so grateful for all of this and will wait and see where it is at, then take it from there!

Thank you for your support! Go team!
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