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Sep 13-19

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"Hey this is Lenny! Thank you for all of support and help through this rough time. If it weren't for people like you, this would be a much different situation. I am extremely grateful."

We continue to be very proud of Lenny. He is true grace under fire. We can't express how thankful we are all of you. All the kind words, prayers, visits, wonderful meals, generous support and gifts, have been incredible. This has all added to our goal of "Best Version of...."! We couldn't have done this alone. Thank You!

Lenny has been home now for a little over 2 months. The house modifications of the first floor are complete. Lenny can now move freely through the entire first floor, has use of the adapted bathroom, entertains in his suite with his home theater and DJ's with Siri, Sonos, Alexa and Hey Google. 

He continues to slowly progress physically. His breathing continues to get stronger with the help of the Pacer. His breath volume has increased. One of his conservative doctors actually took him off the Pacer and Vent to see if he could breathe on his own. He did! For now he is on the pacer during the day and back on the vent to sleep.

Lenny has also returned to school part time. He has struggled a little with being sick, which has held him back from school and therapy. He is back to therapy and school this week. This is a going to be a long road. He is up to the task. He has a great attitude and a huge support group. 


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