Lennon and Louisa’s Story

Site created on April 24, 2018

Like their mother, Lenny and Lou have a penchant for drama. Our identical twin girls rushed into the world unexpectedly on Saturday, April 21, 2018, at just 26 weeks and 3 days.

At such an early stage in their development, the girls needed a lot of support – from breathing machines to feeding tubes to round-the-clock testing and labs. After showing they needed a higher level of care, they were transferred from their delivery hospital in Norwalk, CT to the NICU at Yale Children’s Hospital in New Haven, CT.

Since then, they have received close care from incredibly talented nurses, PAs, and doctors, while receiving frequent visits from their proud grandparents, friends and, of course, non-stop attention from mom and dad, who love them more and more every day.

This page is to keep the huge group of people who already love them updated on how the girls are doing, what treatments they are receiving, what is worrying mom and dad the most, and other milestones - for a fun example: they both made their first bowel movements on the morning of April 26, and dad cleaned them up!

Lenny and Lou also want to hear from you, which can be through comments or questions, but even better by letters. They’d love to have all of their loved ones send letters that mom and dad can read to them before bed. You can send letters to mom and dad at their current residence at the Ronald McDonald House:

Lauren Obal
860 Howard Ave, Room 312
New Haven, CT 06519

If people are feeling particularly giving, they can place donations in Lenny and Lou’s names to:
·         The Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital: https://www.givetoynhh.org/ 
·         Ronald McDonald House Charities: http://support.rmhc.org/site/PageNavigator/pw/Donation_Landing.html
·         The Tiny Miracles Foundation: https://ttmf.org/

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Lenny, Lou, Lauren & Zak

Newest Update

Journal entry by Zak Mehan

On their 99th day in the NICU, Lenny and Lou were finally discharged, with an early morning departure coordinated by a very eager Mom. The girls have now been home for 52 days and my, how time has gone by!

Both girls have grown into healthy newborns. Louisa now weighs 10 pounds and 11 ounces and Lennon 10 pounds and 4 ounces. It's a workout for Mom and Dad to pick them up!

Even though they are out of the hospital, the girls have no shortage of visits with doctors and therapists. 

They are seeing their pediatrician, a pulmonologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, nephrologist, audiologist, ophthalmologist and neurologist, as well as one of their neonatologists from Yale. Oh, and they will soon be getting visits from a physical therapist and occupational therapist twice per week and a development therapist once per week. Busy is an understatement.

Don't let all of the attention fool you, Lenny and Lou are doing great. The girls enjoy music time with Mom and are building up strong neck muscles during tummy time. They are tracking their toys (and their parents) around the room and even giving away some smiles while doing it!

The girls have been to their first brunch and taken some strolls through Central Park. They've hung out on a rooftop and become great travelers on their trips to Nana and Papap's. They've made Mom laugh and made Dad squeal.

And of course, Mom and Dad are learning a thing or two about work and responsibility. The girls eat their bottles every three hours to keep them growing strong - and to keep Mom and Dad sleep deprived. Sometimes those feeds end up on the couch, the wall and Mom and Dad's clothes but with the way the girls are growing, they clearly don't notice too much.

But even though they're tired and occasionally a little flummoxed, Mom and Dad are so content to have their beautiful girls home with them at last - out of the hospital and stealing hearts everywhere they go.

Watching Lenny's endless expressions and hearing Lou's new cries and coos make Mom and Dad so proud of their girls for their tireless fight for life. 
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