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Journal entry by Bill Champion

Laura has been getting chemo treatments every 2 weeks since her release from her hospitalization last month. Unfortunately this is the only treatment option available, currently, for her stage 4 colon cancer. She is tolerating the treatments as bravely as is possible. She has had a few episodes of intense abdominal pain that have lasted for days at a time and has reduced her to a life in bed just suffering. The doctor feels the cancerous lymph nodes surrounding her intestines are causing much of the complications associated with these episodes. The plan is to continue chemo in hopes of shrinking the cancer enough to make it less symptomatic in its effects on Laura.  Her chemo is administered over 3 days and she wears a chemo pump continuously during that time.
     Laura continues getting all her nourishment through TPN (IV) that I administer each night. I still give her 3 shots a day in her abdomen a medication to help prevent blockages and to reduce the chance of the abdominal pain occurring. She has opted to eat very sparsely and for many days not at all, as food contributes to the complications that create the intense abdominal pain. 
         The last scan a couple of weeks ago showed the chemo having some positive effect on some of the tumors but the progress is slow. Regrettably the chemo also has an accumulative effect on Laura in its side effects as well. Her strength and energy never fully recovered since her hospitalization. She often gets nauseated and suffers other digestive issue due to the chemo. Typically she has a good 3 to 4 days near the end of each treatment cycle.
       The whole covid situation has made treatments, appointments and everything more difficult. Beyond that we must be very careful as Laura’s white blood cell count continues to drop making her very susceptible to most anything. Infection is one of her biggest dangers as we do these treatments. 
        Her oncologist has said she will continue this treatment regimen for the foreseeable future. Her next CT scan is in September when we can once again evaluate the efficacy of her treatment plan.
       I wish to THANK everyone who has sent Laura notes, presents, prayers, and support. It has made an unimaginable amount of difference for her and our family. I have built a large wall area beside Laura’s bed where I display all the notes, pictures and silly drawings sent to her to keep her uplifted and she enjoys them everyday. 
        Claire and Liam are doing well both helping in unimaginable ways to care for their mom.  Thanks to their cousins in Cape Elizabeth they got to experience a great summer vacation. We are very thankful they got to have a break from this all encompassing situation we are dealing with. 
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