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Site created on December 4, 2019

Laurie and I had a wonderful time in Jamaica last week for Thanksgiving.  We returned to the states Nov. 30th in Ft. Lauderdale and drove back to Holiday that evening.

The next day (Sunday) we spent the morning unpacking and everything was as normal.  I left the house around 12:15 to run to the store and returned about 20 minutes later.

I did not see Laurie in the house so walked out onto our Lanai and found her face down, passed out but breathing on her right side.  It was obvious she took a hard fall that injured the right side of her head.  

I observed her and tried to revive but she was out.  It was obvious something serious had occurred so I called 911.  While on the phone with 911 she suddenly raised her head, looked at me and had the most terrifying look in her eyes.  Her mouth gnarled into a scary way and she went into a seizure.  She was convulsing violently and it was all I could to keep her with me.  I thought I was losing her.

The paramedics showed up and she was transported to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in Hudson Fl.  (727) 819-2929.

She has been on life support for the first two days. The took her off of the ventilator Tuesday morning and she came out of that sedation she was a handful.

They have done several test, including Cat Scans and MRI and it appears she has a brain tumor on her right frontal lobe.  Cat Scan of lungs and abdomen proved negative so they are now focusing on the Tumor.

They will be doing a biopsy within a day or two so at that point we will know the severity of the lesion.

I have established this site as a place to go to get updates as I am being a bit overwhelmed with texting.

Please have her in your prayers.


Newest Update

Journal entry by Jim Busby

Laurie got word yesterday her job with her Family attorney is no longer there.  I won't go into detail but the way in which Wendi Hall has handled this situation reeks with pure and simple greed and with no compassion for someone who literally ran her practice for many, many years.

And especially this time of year.  Laurie was informed her last day would be 12/23.  Not sure how that affects anything since Wendi has stated she cannot afford to pay her anyway.

What a crock of BS.

With Wendi, if is ALL about money.

She drives around in a $100,000 plus Audi, but never repaid her student loans. (Something she has boasted about to me on occasion).

Laurie was working from home getting out bills for Wendi as best she could.  Wendi had agreed to limp through the remainder of this year and examine where things stood come Jan.

She lied.

She had placed an ad for a paralegal but got only one response.  Out of the blue, she did get a response this week and jumped on it without truly understanding Laurie's current condition, which is improving.

This is not about the fact Wendi must maintain her practice at all. We really understand that and both of us where doing what we could, given the circumstances.  This is about the way in which the news was delivered.  Wendi has always given laurie a nice Christmas bonus but she flew off to Chicago earlier this week without a peep.

You all know Laurie and I were in a personal injury claim from our rear end accident 2 years ago.

Wendi has a referral arrangement with a local PI attorney we utilized.  Her referral fee is/was 25% of the attorney fee.  The attorney fee was $178,000 for both laurie and I combined.  (Do the math).  For those who cannot divide that is roughly $44,000 she received for a phone call. Her referral fee was MORE than my fees for surgery combined.  Talk about a warped system.

She told me directly yesterday she just cannot afford to pay Laurie any of her remaining vacation time, sick leave, Christmas bonus or anything for her working at home for the past two weeks.

I became rather upset at that statement and said very emphatically..."Wendi you received over $40,000 for Laurie and I's PI case this year."

I cannot recall being so disappointed in a single person than I do with Wendi.

It is important I state this is Jim speaking and not necessarily the opinion of Laurie.  (You've seen those statements, right ?)

We will find a silver lining with this somewhere as we both refuse to crumble.


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