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Aug 23-29

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Sorry about all the posts of late but I just had to share these images with all of you. I had asked Dr. de Vos to send me the images from the PET scan one week prior to my getting my CAR cells back July 2018 and then the scan at 30 days post CAR-T in August 2018 as I have been working on the documentary and want to include them.  

The dark areas are the tumors - many of you will remember how swollen my face was before CAR-T and very clearly both sides of my face showed massive tumors. The dark spots in the after image  are just normal organ (kidney) function.

I was at UCLA yesterday to restart the monthly immunoglobulin infusions and all went fine. I will look forward to fewer viral flares as a result.

So grateful for science but there is still so much more to be done.

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