Thoughts & Well Wishes

Valerie Martin | Dec 15, 2019
Laurie You are a true miracle and your healing power is an inspiration.  I was booted from Oct 7th Thanksgiving because I tore a tendon and I considered myself a motivated healer til I heard your toe story.  It's heartwarming to think of you speaking and sharing your strength with others who need your courage and determination to continue their journey.    Rory and Gina are in Korea for the holidays and we miss them but it's great to see how happy Gina's family is.  We video chatted last night and it was really wonderful.  Ryan turns 21 on December 30th and we will celebrate with a Christmas trip to Mexico City.  Feliz Navidad and wishing you and your family a wonderful and joyous Christmas together.
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Terry & Connie Beck & Graboski | Aug 31, 2018
Dear Laurie,

We are sending the most positive thoughts that we can. We know you have a reason for being here so hang in there. 

Just before your emails arrived this morning we looked outside our cottage window and saw hundreds of beautiful Monarch Butterflies swarming. We believe all that beautiful energy is heading your way, just for you!

Check your regular email when you can as I am sending Monarch photos for you.

All our love

Terry & Connie
Dorrie Ackerman | Aug 6, 2018
Hello Ben -- I've been following Laurie's and now your posts -- with loving wishes and prayers for Laurie, you, and Gus each and every day.  This is wonderful news -- I pray that each day brings more strength, comfort, and good news to all of you.  

You three are such a wonderful blessing for each other -- I hope that the many well wishes, prayers, and love from so many friends give each of you added strength and support.

Lots of love, Dorrie
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Martha Merritt | Aug 3, 2018
Thank you Ben for the articulate updates on your mom.  This is yet another painful journey you have been on with her.  My husband, Chuck, was in the CAL-101 study with Lauri and we have followed each other's story since.  I am hoping this one is the answer for her and so many others.  Praying for you all to get to Hawaii for those memories. 
Beth Kiker | Jun 27, 2018
Hope this works for me.  I’m not wonderful on all this technology.  It will be good, though, to get your updates.  I hear you about all the waiting!!!  Better to NOT count the number of hours waiting.  It would just add to our stress.  
I will log on to frequently.   Gotta keep a good eye on my hero!
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Claudia Krieger | Jun 26, 2018

God, I hate it when these drs. lie about the biopsy during the procedure...Grrrrowl!!!  Of course, you have a sterling team working with you...and towards the future...anticipatorily of what your needs may be, including the genetic mapping!!!  😎👍🏼   

I hope tomorrow goes well!  I’ll be sending all good thoughts and positive vibes!!!

What time is Gus getting in at LAX?  We can pick him up if you’d like, and bring him to you.  (Just let us know when “Our Time” he’s coming and what airline, Funnnny Girl!!!). 😂💋

By the by, good on you to give Ben the heads-up on when to scram!  😂🤣😂  I hope the prednisone-emotional rollercoaster ride won’t be too bad for you this time.  Should I lend you a tennis beat the couch with?  😘
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