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Oct 25-31

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June 23 - Dinner With the Petersons!

Kent, Domenica, and Austin brought over an amazing dinner, and we had a wonderful time visiting.  Domenica made the biggest batch of Shepherds Pie (enough for an Army!) and a delicious dessert.  There isn't anything better than sitting with family and sharing a meal together.  

Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ken were also visiting from Baltimore which was such a blessing. Aunt Brenda and Mom were knitting fools and had to take trips to the yarn store!  Uncle Ken was our #1 Redgie walker and they became quite good pals during the visit.  Because I am writing most of these journal entries "after the fact" I am so happy Mother was able to have this time with everyone.  Truly a blessing.

**I am uploading pictures to the Gallery instead of on each post...I will try to write captions for the photos, and I will most likely be posting for quite some time after mom passes because it's a nice outlet for me, and I love looking at all the photos in Google Photos!

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