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Site created on May 21, 2020

Thank you everyone for the love, support and prayers. We created this site to update you on the status of our Son Kyane. 

For those of you that don’t know, Kyane was in a single car rollover accident on 101 South in Goleta CA, near Santa Barbra. He was ejected from the vehicle and suffered a major brain injury. He was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in a deep coma. The doctor said he will be in a coma for multiple weeks. He’s going to need to fight.... We believe in him.  

Our broken hearts are full with all the love and support that you- Kyane’s family, friends, and community- have provided by reaching out with concern and prayer. We wanted to provide a means of updating everyone who anxiously awaits to see how he is doing and we will be updating this site with each new information that we receive so that you all can see how he is doing immediately until we are able to reach out personally, thank you in advance and patience as we navigate this new territory. Thank you all for your support and with everyone’s prayers he will be back with us all very soon.

PLEASE NOTE- any monetary tribute does NOT go to Kyane, it goes to fund the caringbridge website. We aren’t deterring anyone to donate a tribute to the website company if that is what your intention is, we just want to be clear on its purpose and that we are in no way shape or form asking for any donations or tributes. 

We just want to be clear that the purpose of this website is and will continue to be to communicate updates for those who want to rally for Kyane, have us read their messages to him, and show a record of a journey that Kyane can read himself when he is ready to close this chapter.  Thank you all for your love, positivity and prayer.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Audrey Hutton

"Kyane is doing fantastic" were the exact words from Kyane's doctor over many updates echoed in the last few weeks, which have gone by with a blur. The detailed briefings from the medical staff have been a little far in between as they have navigated the schedule for updates amid Covid and the ever changing rules, but the wait has been worth it for the amazing news that we have been anticipating. Kyane is finally coming home tomorrow 7/30/20. I prayed from the first day that I would hear those words and a little over 2 months later, they are music to my ears and the reality that my son is coming home is so humbling. 

Over the weeks, Kyane's personality has emerged in full, finally without being held back as the last of his medications came to a recent stop.  As he was emerging from the coma and using words that were uncommon in his vocabulary, now his usual jokes, smirks, facial expressions and familiarly used verbiage reveal that Kyane is close to 100% back and I feel he is mentally stronger than ever. Kyane has a determination and conviction that I know he never imagined he would use in overcoming a battle such as this, but years of training, focus, and sacrifice have given him the strength he might not even have realized he had to face this situation head on.

The Doctor confirmed that Kyane's stage of recovery is past the point of being able to be scaled, such as earlier being able to compare his actions with the stages of the Rancho Scale and any other forms of categorizing. His current state, is simply described as: In recovery. In regards to his memory, he is only needing some standby assist to recall details about close friends, helped by a memory book that I put together along with friends and family. Kyane remarkably recalls details from years ago, to shortly prior to the accident, and each day his memory gets sharper and more detailed. When first admitted to SCVMC, it was hard for him to recall details even a few minutes later and now majority of the time he recalls past and recent events and memory joggers from one day to the next with no problem. Small exercises such as drawing a clock, connecting numbers, putting simple events in sequence, all have more than doubled in improvement even just over the last 2 weeks per his therapists.

Physically, Kyane already won our bet and is strutting around, bringing tears to my eyes when I went in for training as he showed off by pacing over 1,000 steps and going up and down 4 stair cases. The only assistance during my training that I had to offer him was to just provide slight guidance if he narrowly lost balance as needed, which only happened about 3-4 times max during the entire session. Kyane does have blurred/ double vision at times as his brain heals and so he does need 24/7 guidance and assistance to ensure that the few times that he might lose balance or not see something, he can get the quick backing needed to stay on course. 

Some highlights over the last few weeks center around Kyane's determination and drive. Kyane is one of those people that when he wants something, there is no stopping him. He has immense self control and power, and it shines even in these moments of starting from the ground up again. Some examples of this are in speech therapy.  The therapists were going to adjust Kyane's cell phone so that the keyboard was zoomed, to make it easier for him to text as he re- connected his coordination. Kyane declined, insisting that he didn't want to take the easy route, and he would learn how to do it the normal way because he was going to need to do that eventually anyway and didn't let them make any adjustments.  I have seen his texts change from jumbled words and corrections to now solid sentences with rarely any errors. 

A realization of Kyane's self control that completely shocked me was when Kyane and I were Facetiming on the phone one afternoon. Out of nowhere he said, "There is so much sugar in this food- 24 grams!" and I realized he was seriously reading the nutrition labels on everything they gave him. He consciously left the items that didn't meet his approval on his tray, already falling right back in to the discipline he spent so many years perfecting during his training. He followed up by saying he couldn't wait to get home to a home cooked meal, and we talked about everything he couldn't wait to have- his bed and a good nights sleep being among the top priorities to return to.  Kyane can't wait to get home to his bed, his poor aching body having spent over 2 mos on uncomfortable hospital beds, as even the extender to fit his 6'3'' frame doesn't make up for being woken up every few hours for the nurses to complete their scheduled monitoring not giving Kyane any chance for a solid nights sleep. He is ready to be surrounded by loving family and amazing food, and finally get some uninterrupted rest. 

As Kyane counts the hours down until his homecoming ("12 hours and 8 minutes" to quote him earlier today LOL ), I have reflected on this entire experience and know that while a new journey is just beginning as Kyane is discharged and needs 24/7 support, I am in awe and spiritually touched to my core having witnessed my son's accident and recovery as a miracle right in front of my eyes. There have been so many signs and revelations that unfolded that I cannot deny, down to each and every prayer answered.  I give full credit to divine guidance and know that God has a plan for my son, and this is just part of his passage and story. Just the other day as I reflected on a few past journals, I had chills all through my body as I made an additional discovery. 

On May 28th, just 8 days after Kyane's accident, I posted that we needed prayers immediately to pray that Kyane's brain did not need to swell, that he had all the room he needed within his skull and to heal to 110%. Those hours were extremely crucial as the medical staff prepared us that we needed to be ready for potential emergency surgery, as they were facing the decision to have to open his skull if it continued to swell. I have never begged and pleaded with God so much in my life as I did that day. In reflecting on Kyane's football jersey number 69, the meaning of its numeric power of standing strong through trial and tribulation, and the part that you all have played in strength in prayer and numbers, I noticed that even as of this date, there are exactly 69 comments on that journal entry. 69 prayers matching Kyane's football number as one voice and my son didn't have to have surgery that day, and was a tipping point to Kyane's survival.  

To add, the day that I arrived for training at Kyane's SCVMC just last week, I pulled up to the visitor's valet and I stared in disbelief at the vehicle tag that the attendant was handing over to me, asking him if I could take a picture. The number was 3269 (see pic), echoing the numeric theme that keeps popping up in relation to Kyane that I do not think is just mere coincidence. I cannot deny the connecting spiritual warfare that has taken place to fight for my son, these signs among the many and want to thank you all for your prayers, love, and support throughout this crossing in Kyane's life. You all have contributed to prayers being answered for my son and I will be forever grateful.

Tomorrow, Kyane will be walking out of those doors doors at Santa Clara Valley Medical. From the day of Kyane's accident, with not knowing the outcome from one day to the next, and being told by many of the range of results that Kyane could be facing, we were told to prepare that Kyane most likely will be coming home with a PEG and need to be fed through his stomach as well as will be in a wheelchair. My son is not only making it through this life changing event but he is coming home with full mental capacity, and memory that is coming back stronger each day. Kyane can shower and dress himself, and can fully eat a normal regular meal and the PEG stomach tube has been removed, he has been weaned of every single medication, and can walk with his head held high out of that hospital. If that is not a miracle, I do not know what is. 

I am not questioning why this has happened, I am only counting the amazing blessings that have happened during and as a result of these events. The sense of community pulling together, many of you sending support not evening personally knowing Kyane and our amazing close family and friends overflowing with love and support even amidst your own personal struggles. It's human nature to always assume we have tomorrow, and that we will always have our loved ones. You all have shown me how to be a better friend, neighbor, mother, and human and I will be forever grateful for this experience, as I know Kyane is already seeing the blessings of this path in his own way and so much more yet to discover that we might not understand for years to come. 

Sending Love, 

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