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Site created on August 4, 2020

Kula was feeling sick this weekend (loss of appetite, low energy, constipation, and fever), so at midnight Sunday night it was bad enough to take her down to Primary Children’s hospital. An ultrasound revealed a mass in her abdomen. Soon after, they sedated her for a CT scan. It was an agonizing night for Erin and Andrew, waiting for results and grappling with the unknown. The CT scan showed a large tumor on her right kidney, so after a few hours they were moved to Oncology.

Luckily, her blood work seemed normal and her chest/lungs showed clean from the CT scan. However, the tumor is very big, far larger than her healthy left kidney. There is also some concern of liver involvement, meaning the tumor could be growing into her liver. The doctor’s think it is a Wilms tumor, a form of kidney cancer in children. Although it is rare (only 500 cases/year) the prognosis is good with a 90% survival rate.

We will know more in the coming days, and we will keep you all posted every step of the way. The likely path is chemo, surgery, and radiation.
So, although the months ahead will be tough and scary, we feel like Kula will make it out of this cancer free.

Thank you to our loving family and tribe for your love, support and healing energy. This page will be updated regularly so please keep checking back for medical updates and photos so Erin and Andrew can focus on Kula’s health.

We love you all,

Kula’s family 🧡

Newest Update

Journal entry by Erin Brown

We can say for sure 2020 will NOT be missed. Still we had a blast welcoming in the new year in Bryce Canyon National Park. It was a chilly but gorgeous one! 

We are wishing you all a wonderful start to 2021!


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