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Journal entry by Julia Krelovich

Hey guys! 

WE'RE HOME! The saying, "there's no place like home" is soooo very true! We got home around 6PM last night, and got mom settled into bed. She is feeling so much better now than before surgery. It's truly amazing the way she has come home a brand new person. She is still in pain, battling head aches, and the motor function of that right arm still isn't great, but she is cognitively doing wonderfully! She said she feels like she has the brain of 21 year old "Kim Hough"! Take no sh*t, bad a**! I've had to stop her multiple times from wanting to clean things herself, she's wanted to wash dishes and do laundry... and I'm like SIT DOWN. (per Dr's orders). But her OCD, type A personality is back in full swing! LOL. I've been little cinderella all day, and it feels good to get the house back in order.  It is nice to see my mama be the mama we've always known... The kids visited today and we were working on decorating the Christmas tree and she was telling us where to put things and then ultimately ended up taking all the decorations off so it could be perfect and I'm like, "THERE'S MY MAMA"!!!!! Haha.
She has a post op apt the 15th down in Denver, and we need to get her set up with a new PCP as she really didn't like the most recent one she had tried. (Our regular wonderful PCP moved away).
VVH PT/OT Should be in contact with us soon, i'll probably check in with them tomorrow, to get the ball rolling on therapies she needs to start. We are going to try to coordinate her Oncology apt in Denver to align with the post op apt she has on the 15th down in Denver. We have talked and it sounds like she may be comfortable with doing treatments in Grand Junction (much closer) as the Oncology Dr said he had a colleague he had worked closely with and felt good about her going to. Valley View, which is about 15 min from the house may be an option, so long as orders are given from the Docs in Denver. Mom is still rightfully feeling hesitant about our local hospital as this was missed after she asked for scans multiple times. 
It's been a good learning moment for everyone though, we are all human. It presented as all of these little issues that actually added up to be something much bigger. I know we are all feeling a tinge of guilt for not realizing what was going on sooner, but we thought what we thought and God gave us the chance to correct it and get it handled! 

We are still feeling so so grateful for how the week has turned out. We're adjusting to our new life here at home all together, and although sometimes bumpy, I can not think of a more perfect way things could have turned out! :) 

Thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, and yummy meals! Everyone's help has been and is so very much appreciated! 

Have a wonderful evening! 
XO Jules 
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