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Site created on June 6, 2018

Hello there and welcome to Kevin D. Vessels Caring Bridge Site.  If you knew Kevin prior to his health crisis, you knew what an amazing and driven person he was.  I wasn't fortunate to know him prior but am I ever blessed to know him now.  Kevin is a pretty brilliant guy.  In addition to exceptional wit and humor, Kevin exudes joy.  He has an incredible passion for life and a desire to live his best life to its fullest.  We're grateful that you want to be part of the journey he is presently on.  Kevin wants what most of us want, good friends, socialization, to be well cared for and to be engaged, mentally and emotionally.  If you can't visit, we invite you to leave a message, send a card.  Kevin is able to respond to messages and emails, just give him a little time and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the interaction.  If you can visit, then please do so.  Come alone or bring a friend.  Sit and talk, read a great book to him.  You'll be blessed by the encounter and you'll want to visit again and again.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Nadine Cornish

Had a great visit with Kevin this afternoon.  He was freshly shaven and in good spirits blaring music and enjoying Whitney Houston when I arrived. 
I showed up with framed photos from the Tennis Hall of Fame and was he excited to see those pics.  
Kevin will be moving into his newly redecorated room on Monday of next week.  He asked me to take the photos until he is back in his room.  
Kevin exudes joy and it's so contagious.
Staff was responsive - call light wasn't accessible so I made sure it was on his pillow in reach, before I left.
He's very, very excited about the prospect of having an open house at the end of July to see old friends and meet new ones.
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