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Journal entry by Dawn Hass

Keith has been struggling more than normal the last 3 to 4 days with right side weakness and his speech.  Figuring it was probably do to the Gamma Tiles causing some inflammation, his oncologist had warned us that it might happen, I held off calling her because he had 3 appointments today down at the U.  The first was lab work to check all his levels and they all were great.  Then he seen his oncologist Dr. Neil.  She showed us his post surgery MRI and said it was great and that Dr. Chen and his team did a wonderful job at getting everything out that could be seen.  We talked about his symptoms and she agreed that it is more than likely the Tiles causing the issue and the fact that he has been off steroids for about a week now.  So she has put him back on the steroid for now and said this should help.  We also talked about treatment going forward.  She is going to have him start the Chemo drug Lomustine, this is the one he was on earlier this winter, she believes this is what has been killing any new tumor growth and it was these dead cells that were removed during the surgery.  He will be having an MRI Tuesday April 23 to see how things look before she decides to start up the Avastin infusion therapy.  His last appointment was with his surgeon, Dr. Chen.  Dr. Chen removed his stitches and replaced them with staples.  Keith was not real fond of the staples being put in because they kind of hurt.  Then in 3 weeks Dr. Chen will remove them and replace those with a glue.  The reason behind all this is to make sure the wound stays sealed if he starts the Avastin therapy again.  Avastin slows down healing because it's job is to put up road blocks to new blood vessels that form and want to feed any new tumor growth.  With that being said he was very pleased with how well Keith incision looks and feels that it is healing nicely.  So all in all the appointments went pretty good.  Please pray that his MRI is what we all want to here.
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