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Site created on July 21, 2018

In May I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Its the rarest form of breast cancer and I do not fit the "typical" profile.  Within a month I had lab tests, biopsies, Mri, Mri with contrast, more biopsies, and CAT scans.  I had a procedure to have a port implanted to make my blood draws and chemo easier to access, due to the number of sticks.  Because I do not fit the typical demographic profile, I am also participating in a genetic study.  There is a possibility that I have tested negative for HER2 gene and this study will also give clarity.  I eat healthy, exercise, spiritual health is good, no drugs, no smoking, and occasional alcohol. My only negative lifestyle factors are stress, carrying hurt, and my sleep is not consistent.

I was not excited at all about chemo; matter of fact I was determined not to do chemo, until I became educated on my type of cancer tumors.  I have 5 tumors, three are malignant.  Because I am Triple Negative my chance of survival is 77%; however, if I have a reoccurrence within 3 years it drops
to 22%.  There is a good chance my cancer is more of an autoimmune problem.  I tried to get immunotherapy however in the USA it is not approved yet for breast cancer.  However, I was able to find a study that I was lucky enough to be able to participate in.  It is a double blind study.  There are 1500 participants nationally.  750 will get immunotherapy, 750 will get a placebo.  Because there is a chance to get a placebo conventional chemo, surgery and radiation will still be given.  So in essence I may be getting hit with both therapies.  Its pretty intense.  22 weeks of chemo and immunotherapy, 2 weeks off, surgery, then 5 and a half weeks of daily radiation.  

I am going to document my journey through photos.  Feel free to follow my journey through the photo gallery.  I will have weekly updates only through photos documenting my journey.  

Thank you to all for the prayers, cards, well wishes, meals, and love.  I feel very BLESSED and I am extremely humbled by the outpouring of support.  It means so much.  I am not scared.  I know in my bones I will be healed.  Gods got this. 

Love to all,


Newest Update

Journal entry by Kathy Rawlings

Please pray for Jen's family, she passed last week from Leukemia.  She leaves young children.  Please pray her young boys will find comfort and peace.  I know Jen is in heaven completely healed and vibrant, with our Maker.

Please continue to pray for the Golczewksis, and Christines family.

Please pray for Chrissy Muddiman, who had surgery last week for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (the same as mine).  She received news that 9 of 11 lymph nodes had cancer.  Please pray that God heals her.  She will continue with more treatment. I pray for wisdom for her Drs. to chose the right treatment options.  Proton or conventional radiation therapy.  I pray she is able to get immunotherapy or into a study with aggressive treatment.  I am 100% convinced immunotherapy saves lives.  Well, GOD saves lives; but, immunotherapy may be the modality.  She is very strong, I pray her body will respond to more treatment.

I pray for my sister in law Kim, who has pulmonary and neurological Sarcoidosis.  Protection from the virus, and healing.  For my sister Lisa, who is battling stomach cancer and is in chemo treatment. Protect her from the virus and for continued healing as well.  For my brother in law, with cardiac issues, to protect him from the virus.  And for all those with underlying medical conditions for protection against the virus. 

I pray for a vaccine, more advanced testing, and healing therapies very quickly.

 I pray for our economy.  For our planet to get back to work.  Many of our country's workers are making more on unemployment and do not want to return to work.  For every week our economy is shut down, more businesses and jobs will be lost.  I pray for those struggling with addictions during this stressful time.  For those that struggle with anxiety and depression.  I read that 30% of small businesses have already shut their doors for good.  (that was 2 weeks ago). Small business is the backbone of our country and jobs.  I pray that once we are open that our communities don't live in fear.  That people start to frequent the local coffee shops, restaurants and retail.

I pray for our leaders to make the right decisions.  And the 2 political parties can put away their drama and BS and help the country, not their own political agendas.   

We are very blessed to have received the PPP loan.  Our local banks have been amazing.  A special shout out to Dawn of Peoples Bank.  She helped us receive the loan approval with in 2 days! We are in the process of bringing our team back in phases.   I pray our members all come back and continue with their quest to staying healthy.  On the news today, I saw that those that exercise are less likely to have symptoms and extreme complications from Covid-19. An enzyme is released during exercise, similar to a ventilator, that helps fight the virus symptoms and damage.  I pray our country gets healthier.  Better nutrition, better sleep habits, better cardio and strength fitness, better stress control, better hydration.  

On a positive note, young JPs health is great!  My bloodwork came back clear!  I also love that some of the red tape and obstacles on treatments and drug approvals are being removed and or fast tracked!

Finally, I don't know why bad things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people.  My limited human brain cant grasp the understanding of sickness, evil and darkness.  But I have to cling to the promise that God will take care of those who love him. And that through everything God will use it to our benefit and for our good.  That our time here on earth is a blink of an eye.  I 100% know that we will survive this virus and the closings.  And I know that whoever God can trust with little, can be trusted with much.  Because of this promise, I know that the church will survive, that businesses that can be trusted with little will survive.  The only place in the Bible that says TEST me in this. My confidence in this promise is unwavering.  Theres a reason this all is happening. Maybe its for Gods children to turn to Him, to fully rely on Him, to come back to a relationship with Him.  When you cant control things, you have no other option than to trust in Him.  

Thanks for all the prayers.  This too shall pass.  Stay distant, stay healthy, stay strong.


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