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Journal entry by Kathryn Creer

It has been awhile since my last update, so here I go...I finished up radiation a few weeks ago
and so happy to have that phase over with. Though it was easier than chemo, it wasn’t as easy
as I expected. I had to go in every day for over 6 weeks. I did really well for the most part but
towards the end my skin became irritated and I had to make sure I lathered it with cream a few
times a day. Right as I was finishing up, I got a few blisters, but they have cleared up nicely and
all is well. My main side effect now is still fatigue...they say over the next few months I should
slowly feel my energy coming back...I can’t wait!

I met with my oncologist last week for a follow-up and next steps. Last week, I started a few
new medications. For the foreseeable future, I have to get two shots each month...one a
hormone suppressant and the other is one to strengthen my bones where my cancer had
spread (this will hopefully keep any future cancer out of my bones). I also take a few other meds
orally daily. We will monitor all of their side effects over the next few months. I will have follow-
up scans in August and assuming all is well will continue to see my oncologist every three
months with scans every 4-6 months...at least for the next few years. I will also need to get a
hysterectomy sometime in the next year but not thinking about that yet!

Though with metastatic disease they never really say you are in remission, my cancer is
currently dormant, which is obviously a good thing. We will just monitor and hope for the best.
I’m trying to be a little bit more active and I’m excited to get back to our office in July...though it’s
going to take me a few months to work up to an 8 hour day :). For the most part, I am feeling
pretty good. I do have my bad days but feeling like those days aren’t as often as they once

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for all the continued love and support through this entire
journey the last 9 months. I know its not over but happy to be on this side of active treatment.
Love you all!

Attached are a few pictures from the last month.
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