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Journal entry by Karian Smith

If every day you leave the house you hardly remember whether the iron is turned off, it is worthwhile to think about training your memory and attention. Mental load strains different parts of the brain, so it is believed that as soon as a person stops studying humanitarian, technical and natural sciences in equal measure and entirely goes into narrow specialization, brain activity begins to sink. Remember the historical dates and the multiplication table is equally useful because all processes in the head are equally important and interrelated. The memory is broken - attention is reduced, speech is deteriorated and the ability to make quick decisions. This is the aging of the brain. But no one wants to grow old before the time. Technologies are rapidly changing their lives, therefore, to nostalgically remember the youth without the Internet, you need to pump your brain.
Homer Simpson
"Every time I remember something, it's something that takes place, shoving something else out of my mind. As at the time when I went to winemaking courses and forgot how to drive. "
Brain training helps to stay cheerful and resourceful at any age, and by developing memory, you can go around the world and make good money. Since 1991, an international championship has been held to memorize and annually gathers about 150 mental athletes from a variety of countries. You do not need to be born in the family of Alexander Druzia, but you need to be sure that you can, for example, remember the sequence of random words in fifteen minutes. American journalist Dshosha Foer devoted a whole year to the preparation for the memorization championship, and this time was not wasted. In 2006, he won the competition and wrote the book "Einstein walks the moon", which tells about the methods of memorization, one of them - how to build your own "halls of mind".
To mentally not grow old before time and keep your brain on the right level, try to reduce the amount of daily stress; You can not neglect sleep, sports and proper nutrition. All these factors regulate the hormonal background and the stable functioning of the thyroid gland, without them the process of brain pumping will be similar to patching the holes of a leaking roof. If there are no problems with physiology, it is worthwhile to rejuvenate mental health. To spend five to ten minutes a day on simple exercises and special games in the phone will be enough to see the result in two weeks.
"Our brain is divided into different departments that perform different tasks with respect to memory, for example, the parietal cortex knows everything about the game of tennis, and the hippocampus helps to form different kinds of emotional memories.
The quality of memory is closely related to the overall level of brain activity. It's all about the neurons - the main measuring unit of the brain. Each cell processes, stores and transmits information. Synapse is the place of contact between two neurons or between a neuron and a signal-receiving effector cell, through which electrical and chemical signals pass. Synapses form in the brain throughout life. When a person drinks too much coffee, alcohol, smokes and oppresses the system with narcotic substances, the interaction of neurons with each other is artificially increased. The more often this happens, the more receptors are dependent on pathogens, the body is weakened and can no longer cope on its own with the load, so it's really possible to "drink brains". Neural connections are also violated as a result of physical injuries and diseases, for example, Alzheimer's disease. Certain areas of the brain lose the ability to contact each other.
Modern studies of the brain
Studies of improvement of brain activity are taking place throughout the world. The brain is a tasty morsel for scientists since even half of how it works is not known. Literally every week, scientists from different countries present new theories. One of the most striking was told by Steve Ramirez and Xu Liu on the TEDx in Boston. They managed to introduce to laboratory mice the memory of a false memory. Hence, there is a possibility that in the future devices may appear that will affect our memory; it will be possible to add or remove the necessary information or you can order term paper writing now. If you want to "pump out" the memory, you need to understand that the brain is inherently a muscle, and it needs to be constantly trained, gradually increasing the load. "
Simple exercises that will help improve memory:
1. If you want to remember a digit, imagine how you paint it on a white wall, with bright paint and a large font. Do this exercise several times a day.
2. Draw up a diagram. Are you learning a new foreign language? Describe the plan, learn the rights - write a scheme for memorizing the rules.
3. Divide into parts. Any volumetric action is best decomposed in parts from 5 to 7. Each part is called your title. So our brain is easier to adapt and to perceive information. To be responsive to your health.
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