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Journal entry by Karen Fulkerson

Good morning friends, I’m sitting on my back patio, sipping tea and listening to the birds. I am so grateful! We got thru it yesterday! 
Ok, so here’s the rundown of events. After settling in to my comfy lounge chair I was first given all my premeds. As you remember these were “amped up” to counteract our new friend taxotere (ok friend might be pushing it). Most notable was that I was given 50mg of Benadryl, twice the usual dose. After receiving this Benadryl push in my iv I started feeling dizzy and thought I was going to faint. I was told to relax and try to sleep. I’m sure I was fighting sleep because I wanted to be awake when the taxotere started in case I had a reaction. So I fought through it, mouth was dry, legs were tingly, shivering, blurry vision, my inner Wonder Woman took it all. Well, soon after the Benadryl was the steroids. Thankfully the steroids took many of the reactions from the Benadryl away so I was semi-comfortable again. Now we waited 30 minutes and started the taxotere. I look at the clock, it’s 10:29. If you remember, my reaction last time started 3 minutes after starting the drip. I watched the clock carefully. The nurse sat by my side just in case. My mom watched the clock and monitor too. 10:32, 10:33, 10:34, 10:35…… no reaction! We’re in the clear!  Happy day!
The rest of the infusion went as usual and I was out of there right on time. I did have lasting effects from the Benadryl all day, slurred speech, drowsiness., slow motor skills but that was to be expected. I just rested the remainder of the day. 
Oh yeah, I have another little piece of news. I got a call from the oncologist. She has changed my treatment plan. It was a bit unexpected but I’m fine with it as long as we get good results. Now, instead of the next chemo visit being my 4th and last before surgery, I will have an additional 2 tacked on in July before surgery. Additionally there will be another two tacked on after surgery. I was told that the reason for doing this was to give the best possible outcome of shrinking the mass in prep for surgery. Now that I’m thinking it through I’m not sure why we have 2 more after surgery. I will be talking with the surgeon to ask a few questions soon. Stay tuned. 
Well my friends, that’s all I have to report. I’m feeling good today and hope you are too! Thank you again for all the prayers, well wishes, positive vibes, kisses and hugs! I have received them all and I have no doubt they lift me up and protect me through this. 
Love to you all,
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