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Journal entry by Sarah Burch

Recently, on August 21,  Mario, Justin's dad, and my youngest brother, sent a  communication stating that Justin, his oldest son, was in a serious motorcycle accident and is in need of prayer.

Justin, while riding his motorcycle in Southern California  went around a corner at about 25 miles per hour and got thrown off his bike, hitting the guardrail, and then having the bike follow and hit Justin. Initially, he had a broken arm, a jaw broken in three places, pulmonary confusion, a serrated liver and kidney and a spleen that had to be immediately removed. He was life-flighted to ICU at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Hoya, Ca to stabilize his condition. 

The following day he remained in stable condition and was extubated. On Monday the 24th Justin had surgery to  repair his jaw and  humorous.  Due to his kidney leaking, he had a stint inserted to repair the tear.  

Wednesday, August 26, Justin's chest tubes were removed and intubated.   The surgery on his jaw and arm went well.  His internal injuries are stable.  Justin woke up Tuesday, Aug 24th and was very disoriented and delirious wanting to go home.  , 

Thursday, August 27,  they removed Justin's pic line and went to a midline IV.   He is doing well resting.  Plans to get a MRI to ensure there isn't any brain trauma. 

Friday, August 28,  Justin's MRI came with with results indicating shearing, which is bruising of the brain.  The doctor stated that this should heal over time.  The brain injury is on the right rear of the brain. 

Monday, August 31, Justin stood up for the first time!!!  He was able to get out of bed.  Quite an accomplishment today.

September 10,  Justin remains in ICU.   They put in a tracheotomy because he is developing a lung infection in the lung that collapsed.   The infection is clearing up and weaning him off sedation and antianxiety medications.  The goal at this point of time is to get Justin out of bed, up and moving.  He is progressing well overall.  

September 17, Justin was moved to Balboa Navel Hospital and still remains in ICU.  His body is healing well, however, his head injury is taking time to heal.  The head injury is called diffuse bifrontal axonal injury.  the 

September 18,  Today  the doctor stated they need to find a rehabilitation facility that specializes in Traumatic Brain Injuries. (TMI).  This evening they changed his trach and discovered an erosion between the trach and esophagus from the tube.  A temporary stent was placed in Justin's trach  to address the erosion.  Currently, Justin in on a feeding tube.  

September 22, Justin had surgery today, due to a clotted mass between his lung and chest wall.  The mass had to be removed and cleaned.  His kidney stent was removed today.  His kidney has healed.  Chest tubes were added.  

September 23, Justin's temp went up today so they are filling him up with fluids and antibodies.  Today he got a MRI and waiting for results.  Took out the larger trach out, and inserted a smaller trach.  He has a stomach tube  now.  

We will do our best to communicate with Mario and update as frequently as we can.  Please continue to keep Justin in your prayers.  

Matthew Burch





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