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Journal entry by Julie Smith

Good morning family and friends, 
Another wonderful day to be alive. ! Each day I sleep better, and am mentally clearer. I am so thankful for a loving merciful God. 
     This morning my heart is burdened for Hong Kong, as I just heard that the Communist Chinese Government has just disqualified 12 democratic candidates for their next election. Most of us remember the iconic image of the student who bravely stood in front of a military tank in Tienenman Square. Hong Kong citizens will not stand for moves like this from the Chinese regime. So I fear for their safety and their lives. Hitler said “give me one generation and I will rule them “. The scary thing is, for a very long time, he did . He imprisoned the hearts of many Germans. He was able to convince them that they were of a superior race, and therefore had the right and the duty to extinguish the lives of anyone who wasn’t. Ideas that diverge so hideously from the truth of God, that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator with certain unenaileable rights. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Country doesn’t always live up to those standards, and where we don’t, we as Americans have to stand up, call our congressmen, and most importantly , VOTE. I t is a privilege to live in a free society. We must be a part of the solution and not the problem. And sometimes we have to get in and fight the battle peacefully. Without fear. The same God that created us, will also sustain us and protect us. 
     So please pray with me this morning for Hong Kong. For the safety of its citizens who have tasted the sweetness of liberty before the British gave it back to the Chinese. 
     I know my sweet brother in law Clark Smith , and my sister in law Julie have heavy hearts as well . In the late 80’s Clark and Julie met at Jackie Polingers Church and ministry to what they called the great walled city in Hong Kong. Clark prayed over Heroin addicts while they were going through the process of coming off of the horrific effects of the drug. Needless to say God has given Clark a great heart of compassion. It’s no wonder to me that he was able to give his mother the greatest words of comfort when she was going home to the lord, after losing her battle with pancreatic cancer. He ushered her in to glory and it was truly one of the most incredible blessings of my life to witness. 
     Political oppression is evil. Evil succeeds, when good men do nothing. We must remember that, and teach it to our children. They will be the next generation of spiritual Warriors. There are many battles to come, but our God is faithful and he promises to equip us. We fight physically but also we fight the battle with the principalities and powers of the air . The spiritual at work behind what we see in the natural. Our God is able, may his kingdom come to Hong Kong today. Lord protect those who meet underground from the enemy of darkness today, and in the coming days.Give them the encouragement only they can know. 
In Jesus precious name
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