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Sep 20-26

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Hi everyone. I know many have asked, so here it goes. If you really know my mom, you know she thinks she's invincible and has the spirit of a teenager. Saturday night she decided to show her grandkids she could climb a tree because that's what she used to do in the Philippines and a couple of times in her 30's (no joke). 

She climbed 10-15 ft up, reached for a dead branch and fell. She broke her shoulder, neck bone, and has small bleeding in her brain. She was flown to UMMC Shock Trauma around 1130pm from Easton.

She had a CAT scan done on Sunday and there was no change in what they saw in her brain from the initial scan. Physical Therapy visited today, but she was unable to walk because of dizziness. They decided to keep her another night. She is currently in a neck brace for 2-3 weeks and as of right now, will not need surgery on her neck or shoulder.

Another scan may be completed depending on if she is still showing signs of dizziness. We will hopefully know more tomorrow.

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