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Site created on May 5, 2018

Hi friends and family,

We have not gotten to inform many of you with what has been going on with Jon the past two weeks, so here's an overview to get you up-to-date. Forgive us for not sharing with you sooner, we too have been trying to wrap our brains around this event that has now become a part of our story.

How we got here-
Two Sunday's ago, Jon was having pretty severe pains on the right side of his abdomen and we decided to take him to the ER. After testing for what the ER thought was probably kidney stones, we were sent home with no detail other than there was buildup near his kidney and to make an appointment with a urologist the following day.
That week we saw a urologist who informed us, there was a baseball size mass (tumor) near Jon's right kidney, that wasn't contained to that one spot, but also invading his colon and upper intestine, and that meeting with a surgeon was the next step for us. 
Wednesday we met with the Surgeon and Urologist, and were informed that an exploratory surgery was needed as soon as possible. Other than what had showed up in testing, both doctors were unfamiliar with this kind of tumor, and wouldn't have further detail until surgery.

Tuesday May 1st, Jon went into surgery. 
After three hours, the doctors were able to remove the tumor in it's entirety. However, with that removal, his right Kidney, a part of his colon and a part of his intestine also had to be removed. Essentially having to undergo four major surgeries at once.

Jon has now been in the hospital for 5+ days, as his body is having to learn how to function with a new internal layout. We aren't for certain when he will be released, but right now, are applauding  the day to day improvements that he continues to make.  Jon has been so strong and brave throughout this whole ordeal. He's alert and  is allowing his body to rest during this time.

Testing Update-
We are still waiting on results from the pathology test. We are praying that surgery was enough to put this behind us, but should know by the end of the week, if further steps will be needed. The Dr's have been wonderful and are leaning towards good news.

We appreciate all the prayers from our warriors over the past week. We have certainly felt them. Jon has been so strong and brave through this process thus far, and wants you all to know that he's feeling better each day.
For those of you asking how you can help, at this time while we are still in the hospital, it's hard to say the extent of needs. Once we are home, those may become more apparent.
We ask for your continued prayers for healing, and that The Lord's will be done. He's already shown us so much peace and comfort during this process.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jena Hall

Hi all,
Jon is home, FINALLY! After 14 days in the hospital, he was released on Monday afternoon and we are thrilled! He is doing so much better, and has returned to his happy, giggly self. There are still some weeks at home ahead of us for recovery, as his mobility and strength are limited, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel!

We were however, asked to come to the Dr. today to get more blood drawn. His blood culture came back positive for infection, so he's on another antibiotic to hopefully get that back to normal.

Other than that, we are trucking along just fine. Getting our guy as much back to his normal routine as possible.

Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes throughout this time. The support of our friends and family has lightened the weight on our hearts and made this obstacle into such a blessing. We've learned and grown so much through it already, and will continue to do so.
The Lord is so sweet and has given us many reasons to be grateful despite the trial.

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