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Site created on October 15, 2018

On Wednesday, October 10th, my brother, John, was involved in a very serious accident at work, which resulted in a skull orbital fracture, multiple face fractures, multiple rib fractures, broken back, shattered pelvis, broken femurs, and a broken ankle, as well as multiple internal injuries. He was first rushed to Liberty Hospital, only to be rushed again to the Trauma and Critical Care Center at the University of Kansas Health Systems. They had to stop the bleeding, and stabilize his blood pressure before they could perform any kind of surgery, but they could not get him stabilized enough to do that. Other than the initial emergency surgery to stop the bleeding, October 12th was the first of many surgeries that my brother will have in order  to repair his many injuries. Received a call from our mom at 2 am that morning, and said he is scheduled to begin his journey. So, for the family and close friends that have known and prayed, please continue to pray. For those of you that are reading this and hearing of this for the first time, please send your thoughts and prayers up for our family! I will do my best to keep you all posted. He was a hardworking dad that loves his kids, loved to ride his motorcycle and race cars  with our parents, who would do ANYTHING for ANYONE, and just plain loved life, so PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE YOUR PRAYERS, COMMENTS, OR EVEN YOUR THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY to show your love and support!! Have any pictures of my brother? Load those as well!! My brother WILL read them one day!!! #ihavefaithdoyou

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Journal entry by Tracy Schroeder

I apologize to everyone who's keeping up on my brother's Journal, I've been kind of busy the last couple days. But, here are the last couple updates from the last couple of days! Keep the prayers coming! ❤

10/21 UPDATE on John Nelson... first off, wow! My brother is a true #TBIfighter! Even though he's not out of the woods, and is still considered critical, he amazes me every day! Today he was able to breathe on his own for 4 hours! To us four hours may not sound like a lot, but in my brother situation, 4 hours is like eternity! Especially when just a couple days ago he couldn't do it longer than 30 minutes. And his RT respiratory therapist) said his PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) got to come down from 8 to 6. So every piece of positive change we get, we will take! The best part of my visit was when I had to tell him goodnight. Because again, voluntary or involuntary, my brother was reaching for my arm and would not let me leave! Me and my sister truly did not want to leave his room tonight! But we made that promise, we will be back! Right along with our God! So, on behalf of our family to yours we send our love and truly can't thank you enough for all the prayers! Keep them coming!
Ok! Now that I'm home and have just a minute, here is my 10/22 UPDATE for my brother, John Nelson. I want to spend as much time with him as possible, so with my husband's benefit tonight, I made time to see him during lunch today! He had his stitches, from the gash on his forehead, removed.  And, because of the the moving he's doing on his left side, they had to put a glove/mitten on him in order for him not to pull his tubes. Mom texted me and informed me that they have him scheduled to place his trach and feeding tube in tomorrow, and his pelvic surgery on Wednesday. Like every surgery at this time, it's crucial. So, please continue to pray for my brother! And, always, from our family to yours, goodnight and we love you!!
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