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On  Sunday,  July 15th at 7:54 my beautiful sister Jodi suffered a Spontaneous Cardio Artery Dissection.  (SCAD).  I brought her to St. John’s  hospital  and she was transferred to St. Joes where they performed a procedure to put in three stints.  We were told all was good and she would be home Tuesday.  During the night, she suffered a couple of blood clots and was transferred to The University of MN Medical Center for Level 1 Critical Care.  Many ups and downs but we’reholding on to  the ups , the positives.  Those positives are:  she is young and strong with no serious underlying medical issues, she has no risk factors for heart disease, she is opening her eyes and following commands so they are sure there is no brain damage.   Most importantly, she has a strong faith in God.  He is going to give us a miracle of a full recovery.  We have had such a wonderful outpouring of love and support.  THANK YOU!  I will keep you updated as often as I can.    Please post encouraging words and please, please, take a moment right now and say a prayer....

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dana Jacobs

It's been twelve days since Jodi came home.  It has been an adjustment, to say the least. We care for our children from infancy through adulthood.  We care for our parents as they age and need assistance.  But we don't think that we will have a younger sibling who will need to be taught to walk and shower and fend for themselves, in the midst of it all.

On Monday Jodi had a Dr.'s appointment at 9:00 with her primary care Physician.  Then another appointment at 2:00 with Medtronics to test her defibrillator.  We thought we'd go home in between for a rest.  That didn't happen.  The first appointment presented our first challenge on the "outside world".  From the parking ramp, we discovered there wasn't an elevator, so we stood at the top of the steps and just looked at each other.  What now?  We could either get back in the car and drive up to the third floor, or attempt the steps.  We were late so we attempted the steps.  In rehab she had practiced going up two steps.  This was eight. I was nervous.  What if she fell?  We'd both go down.  But she did it!  Phew.

That appointment lasted over two hours. We went from that appointment to two medical supply stores.  Jodi has edema in both legs and her right arm (add another "specialist" to her list of Dr. appointments).

By the time we left the medical supply store (with only one of three prescriptions being filled) it was 12:30 and needed to be at the University in an hour.  It was a quick bite to eat at a fast food joint (not good for a person on a salt-restrictive diet!), then on to the next appointment.  Of course, it was at the opposite end of the clinic from the door we entered.  Lot's of slow moving with a walker (should have gotten the wheelchair at the front door).

We left that appointment in a raging rainstorm, both of us exhausted, and traveled home during rush hour traffic.  Emotions ran high and we both started crying uncontrollably.  Not easy driving when rain is coming from the sky and the eye! 

In the midst of it, Dad ended up in the ER again with his COPD.  I was with him until 1:30 am, then drove home in another downpour.  Up at 6 and started all over.

Our family is surely being tested right now.  Through my mini breakdowns though, I still see the miracle. Jodi is alive. God show's himself to us all the time, but it's in the storm that we call out His name.  My prayers have never been so fervent, and God continues to be faithful to the promises he made.  Promises to be with us through the storm.  

With all of the appointments, I have had little time to cook and plan meals. Many of you have asked "What can I do?"   Someone told me about "Meal Train",  a website that organizes meals for someone in need.  Please see the following link and sign up if you are so moved.  It would be so appreciated!

We so appreciate all the love and support shown to us and are eternally grateful.  God is good!
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Cheryl Gadbois | Aug 15, 2018
your a very strong woman you got this just take one day at a time you can do this I will keep praying for you and you will always be in my prayers your a amazing person you have come a long way already keep up the good work you got this lady.
heart 2 Hearts
Deb Nelson | Aug 12, 2018
It's been 4 weeks since this journey began. Through tears, anguish and prayers, Jodi, you have defied all odds. I am so proud of you. You have an amazing strength (thank you Lord for loving Jodi and embracing her with your strength) and such determination to get home and regain your control of your destiny (by the Grace of God she has things yet to do to honor You). I dont think any answers are there for the why's, but I think it's very clear that the love, caregiving, support and prayers from your physicians, family and friends assisted in the many miracles we have witnessed with you. Continue to recover, chase those dreams, and have peace in the Lords love.
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