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Site created on July 21, 2020

Dear Friends and Family,

A kind friend offered to set up this CaringBridge vehicle as a way for us to keep the many friends and relatives updated on Joanne’s journey. The texting, emailing, and other various ways to communicate was getting a bit overwhelming, and I found I was leaving some folks out of the information loop. 

Where we are:  In prep for the hysterectomy which was done on 6/26, Joanne had a CT scan done to make sure the cancer had not spread to any vital organs. That turned out good except for finding a couple of nodules on her thyroid. There was no alarm to connect that to the uterine cancer. 

The hysterectomy and results from pathology of the lymph system and surrounding tissue was all good. Because this was a serous-cell cancer, a particularly aggressive form of cancer, the doctor wanted to follow up with six treatments of chemo with three weeks between each treatment. Those treatments begin on 7/27. She had a procedure to put a port in today to make the delivery of the chemo a bit easier. 

Two days ago she had an ultrasound done on her thyroid for those nodules they found. We’re still waiting on those results. 

As if all of this weren’t enough excitement, she is having dental surgery tomorrow for a tooth that broke off under a crown. 

Fortunately, John Michael is staying with us right now due to all the ramifications of COVID-19 on his business. I say “fortunately” because of how much help he has been through all of this. AND he’s at least as good of a cook as I am! We’ve had some gourmet meals. Because some of you have asked, if we need some help with meals as we get into this, we won’t be bashful about asking for assistance. 

Well, there you are, up to date. We will keep you filled in. Keep those prayers coming! We hope you and yours are doing well! We know we are not the only ones with a lot going on these days.

In Him, Larry

Newest Update

Journal entry by Larry Harder

Just got home from a visit with Joanne's doctor. Everything looks good! The liver biopsy which was done several days ago shows no cancer and indicated "non-alcohol related cirrhosis" is "mild to moderate". That will be treated with modified diet. 

All other scans and tests continue to show no signs of any cancer! 

She still has some lingering pain to overcome and a lot of recovery work ahead of her to regain strength and stamina, but that will be a welcomed chore. 

We can’t begin to say “thank you” loud enough or heartfelt enough to fully express our feelings. We are very grateful for all the prayers and support from all of you during this journey over the last eight months. It has been particularly trying given the COVID situation on top of everything else...especially for someone as social as Joanne! It’s tough not to give and receive hugs. 

Our prayers are filled with gratitude to God for Joanne’s continued recovery and petitions for each of you and your family. We know this past year has been a trial for everyone. 

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