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Site created on August 25, 2007

Hey, and welcome to my story! We hope to update this website as often as we can. Thanks for all of your thoughts, and prayers!

Jackie's story started two years ago. In July of 2005, Jackie had her first visit at the U of M. In August 05, she had a biopsy of her kidney and was diagnosed with Mesangial Hypercellularity. In March of 2006, she spent a week at the U of M hospital, getting her blood levels back in shape. She was then rediagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS.) On Tues., August 21, 2007, Jackie went in for her three month check-up, and her lab work showed that her blood levels were all wrong. She was admitted into the hospital later that evening. Jackie had her first session of dialysis on Wed., August 22, 2007. On Christmas day 2007, Jackie became very ill and was taken to the U of M early the next morning. She had Flash Pulmonary Edema, and was in the ICU for a few days. She was released around a week later and returned to Willmar to continue dialysis. Jackie had a kidney transplant from her mom, Sally, on June 5th, 2008!!!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jaclyn Kooistra

Mom & I got back home on Friday from my Mayo Clinic appointments in Rochester. I had appointments on Wednesday & Friday. We took it easy on Thursday. Both days of appointments went well; I received my kidney biopsy results on Friday and..... my kidney looks good! My doctor basically said that my results were boring & normal - so that’s good! Woo hoo!!! He lowered one of my medications, and now I can do labs once a month! Woo hoo, again!!! He also told me to thank my sister for such a great kidney! So, THANK YOU SARA!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the prayers & support! To God be the glory forever!
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