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Site created on October 20, 2019

My name is Jessica and I have breast cancer. It's stage 1 according to the breast surgeon, but I haven't had the surgery yet and I won't really know more until then. I don't know how good I'm going to be at updating this, but I want to have a place to put stuff if I do end up wanting to update more.

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Journal entry by Jessica Olin

Going back to work today. Half days today, tomorrow, and Friday. Full days next week, but I'm taking next Wednesday off for my birthday. 47. The fact that I never thought I'd make it to 46 - let alone 47 - is a whole existential dread thing that comes from the fact that Cancer has been my personal boogie man my entire life. That's a story for another time or maybe not at all.

But... I had my post op appointment with my surgeon last week and got good news:
  • clean sentinel (lymph) nodes, meaning the cancer had not spread before we found it;
  • clear margins on the tumor they removed, meaning that they got the whole tumor and I won't have to have a second surgery.
Up next...
  • An appointment with a medical oncologist (to decide if chemotherapy is needed)
  • An appointment with a radiation oncologist (to figure out if radiation is next)
  • Keep on keeping on.
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