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Journal entry by Kirbie Conrad

3 months have passed since the car accident.  I know I have been quiet, mostly because I still don’t have the right words nor have I had a true opportunity to reflect.  However, there are a few things/observations that I know thus far.  

1.) I have amazing family and friends.  The outpouring of love and support we received while at St. Vincent and CRH is unimaginable.  I never dreamt I had such a wide vast team of people around me that truly cared.  Thank you for all the love you have shown me, Brock, and Braylon during the first couple of months.  Needless to say when we celebrated our 15 year anniversary weeks before, did Brock think he would have to live our our worst days so soon.  He is so strong and I am thankful for his love and support daily.  

2.). I was very fortunate to have the care team I had leading me.  From the first responders, the driver who stayed with me until help could arrive, the Lifeline team, the ICU, trauma, and ortho nurses and doctors, the rehab team; OTs, PTs, and PTAs, my talented surgeon, and every single tech I had...all have made a lasting impact on me and my family.  Thank you to each of them for taking the time to sit, answer questions, talk when we needed them the most, listen, be, and provide care day in, day out, hour-by-hour.  

3.). My immediate family and closest friends are stubborn, strong-willed, loving and caring, servants.  Nights where Brock and Braylon stayed at the hospital to the daily visits and overnights of my sister, mom, my sis and bro-in-laws, my mother and father-in laws; the weekly check ins and calls or visits from our closest friends; were consistent and appreciated.  They washed my hair, tweezed, gave me pedicures, fed and gave me drinks, called, but mostly spent time with us... the road time and miles are incredible between them.  They said that just when I was in St. V they could have drove to FL and back!  My in laws continued, and continue to care for Braylon so he has as little disruption to his daily life as possible.  My nephews and niece came to visit every opportunity they had in spite of being kids, and living their lives; my cousins came to visit, aunts and uncles visited or called and some even visited and/or sent cards scheduled on routine.  My neighbors and family prepped over the weekends getting our home ready for me to come home while still visiting regularly.  Friends and CNAs consistently helped with things to do, and helped me feel less sick with every visit and card.

4.). My work family rallied around me.  They visited and continue to visit, send cards, prayers, lunches, gifts, but mostly continue to show they care each day.  I am so thankful for each of them.  Much of what I said above applies to them.  Some visited weekly, or biweekly.  They even helped give our family the gift of a soccer game which I know most of you read about in previous posts. They continue to provide me support that shapes me.  They are all compassionate servants and I am thankful to lock arms with them.  
Needless to say, I have each of you to be thankful for today and everyday.  Thank you for being patient with me while I am navigating my recovery.   I haven’t been able to have visitors as much as I hoped because I have dr appointments and therapy appointments almost daily.  We still have frequent trips to Indianapolis and Columbus every week.  Please reach out to our family if you are trying to reach me on my new cell phone number.  Please message us through facebook or contact any one of my family members if you would like to share your contact information with us.
For now, Thank you for being there for my family when I could not be.  They are the strong ones.  I hope to continue to hear from each of you as I continue on in this recovery journey.
There is so much more that I could say, but for now, thank you.  I promise to stay in touch.  I hope you had a relaxing Thanksgiving and please, be safe. 
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