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Journal entry by Jenni Surface

This week has been busy with treatment on Wednesday and then Surgery yesterday.  I also had to get an x-ray because I have been having a lot of leg pain on my right side up near my hip. The x-ray showed nothing so the doctor thinks it is likely an issue with cramping in my muscles and it might be due to my medicines, so we are continuing to look into it. It is really painful and makes it difficult for me to walk or sit.  

My treatment went well and I now am down to 4 more. That means I am getting close to the finish line.  I should be finished with them in October. After that all I will have left is reconstruction surgery and follow up every 3 months for 2 years. After my last treatment I will call it victory.  I want to do something to celebrate and we were going to throw a party, now I am going to have to think outside the box. It has been quite an ordeal and quite a costly one at that. I couldn't have made it through without all the support everyone has continued to give us even with all the craziness of Covid. 

My surgery to get my ovaries out went well and I am in some pain when I sit up or try to get up due to the incision site on my belly button, but I know that will pass soon. I am trying to get into heart rehab so that I can begin to rebuild my body up to a more healthy state.  I also will be continuing with PT to get my arm back into a place where I can stretch and it is not so bent out of shape.  I feel like I am getting closer but it is still a long way back to get to where I was before. Prayers and support are much appreciated. Thanks for everything.
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