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Site created on May 17, 2019

On Sunday May 12th, Jen complained to her husband Bill about a sudden terrible headache and vision issues, and said she needed to go to the ER ASAP.  Bill rushed her to Fosston Essentia, where they did a CT scan and found bleeding on the right side of her brain.  Jen was life flighted to Essentia Fargo where they immediately started surgery.  During surgery they found a tumor among blood clots and removed as much as possible before stitching her back up and moving her to the critical care unit.  Jen survived the surgery and is currently fighting to recover despite the pain and difficulties.  The love and prayers from family and friends had been wonderful, but Bill is having a hard time texting updates to everyone so we created this site to help keep everyone updated on Jen's journey through recovery!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Judy Paul

Hi. Realized it's been quite some time since there's been a CB update about Jen. & seems appropriate that I should do 1, especially since yesterday, May 13th, was the actual 1 year anniversary of the surgery that saved Jen's life in the wee hours of that morning. Jen is doin great! There's still some healing/recovery to work on, & there's some things that will never quite be the same. But overall, GREAT. March 4th we met w/Dr Bahn, the surgeon who saved her life. She was amazed @ the recovery, & though she was in a rush to get to an emergency surgery, she made sure to take time to give Jen a hug,& made sure to tell us both that there was no real explanation of why Jen was alive, or why she was recovering so well...except that it was God's will, (& people caring  praying,etc), & she said to Jen "God must have a plan for you, cuz you are a true miracle". She told us to keep praying & thanking God. Wow! Neat!!  So anyways, alls good. The important things are GREAT, the big things are great, & alot of the small things are good too. The small things that aren't exactly good we can deal with. There's always gonna be a "visual cut", & she also still has hip/back pain that just won't leave. Working on her balance(it's improved for sure), her multi-tasking, her "scanning"(kind of a new vision), etc. Jen had gotten back to full time work hours approximately a month before the virus thing hit. She currently works from home, which is way less scary. She is off all the meds, except 1 plus a BP med. Hopes to be off the med by July, when she has her next neurologist appt & another EEG beforehand.  You know her...she always wants to do more or strive for better, but overall: THANK GOD for all the GREAT things, &, lol, the good ones too. Thanks once again for all the support & prayers & love. Be safe! 
PS: she hasn't ridden horse again quite yet, but she does have Dr permission to whenever she feels ready for it. 
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