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Monday Feb 26 911 was called for my dad because he got out of the shower and fell, complaining that his entire left side was numb. He was brought to a hospital in Grafton and was then transfered to Milwaukee with intent to have brain surgery to stop the bleed in his brain. Fortunatly, after the meeting with the neurologest, we were relieved to hear that brain surgery wasn't needed as long as they were able to control his blood pressure.  By the grace of god, my dad's mind is intact, his limitations are physical. By thursday evening, he is able to lift his arm above his head and has some dexterity back in his fingers. His leg at this point is still numb but, dad says that hes getting "tickling/prickley" sensations and his skin is tender to the touch. The doctor assured us that this is GOOD news that sensation is slowly returning. We appreciate all the love and support that we have recieved thus far but, we have a long road and long hard recovery ahead of us. Please keep the prayers, love, and positive thoughts coming. 

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Journal entry by Nicole Holler

Being strong is working in dads favor. They have started him walking with out a cane and only one assistant. If that wasn't encouraging enough to see pa holler walking with minimal assistance...they moved him onto stairs and is very motivated and willing to put in the hard work. There are moments where he gets cought up in the sadness of what he's lost but its up to all of us to help remind him of all that he still has! They said that by Monday he will be fitted with a leg brace and start him on electro therapy for his arm and leg. Which should help stimulate the nerves. Currently he has a lot of pain in his legs which we are told is positive but, massage and continuly touching the area is the best medication. In the meantime...he will be started on a medication called gabaphenton to reduce neurological pain. Keep the prayers coming...and please visit to help keep his sprite up. 
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