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Site created on December 29, 2018

Yesterday December 28th a bunch of us Koehns were together at Grandpa's. The guys were shooting clay pigeons. Jayme, Natalie, Paige and Jace were going on a utv ride on the the gravel road behind the house with Jayme enthused-ly driving. We don't know all the details but it appeared like she may have been dodging a pot hole and lost control. The other riders said it almost came to a stop before it rolled over. It appears like her injury was from a huge jolt before it tipped over. The others all scrambled out of there and are fine. The helicopter picked her up from the scene and took her to LeBonheurs Children s Hospital in Memphis. Charlie and I took Sherwin and Joni up there as fast as we could go.

Newest Update

Journal entry by joni koehn

Hi! It's a year today since Jayme's accident, so we thought it might be good to give another update... It's brought back many memories being this time of year, and we are so thankful for all the many miracles that have taken place! Jayme is doing very good and is still improving!😊 She is planning on starting school again, after Christmas, and will be in grade 7😊.. she has her sense of humor back and is very happy.. she's very thankful for her health and for everything she's able to do! We're in Manitoba for Christmas and she's really been enjoying it, even though she's sorry that she can't skate yet with her friends. She loves playing games and reading and going shopping!😉 She still goes to therapy twice a week, and they're still very happy with her progress! We're hoping to go to Mississippi this spring and stop in at Le Bonheurs on the way, and see all the people there that made our stay there so good! I don't know how often we'll update anymore, but we just want to give you a big thank you for all your prayers and support that made it possible for us to make it through this last year, we appreciate it more than words can say!!
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