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Site created on April 12, 2021

Thanks for checking in on Jason's progress as he recovers from complication relating to a stroke on April 6, 2021. He was released from the hospital a few days later, but on Sunday morning, April 11, he began feeling unusual again and returned to the hospital suffering a much more serious stroke. This time they admitted him to the ICU for what was to be 7-8 days of observation in a medically-induced coma while they let the pressure in his skull return to normal. At the time of this writing (April 15), he has been making very good progress: he is now breathing on his own, is regaining muscle control and dexterity, and is expected to be downgraded from the ICU very soon.

Jason has a million friends from a bunch of different projects, and we are all shocked to learn that he was in a health crisis, but probably none as shocked as his wife Lily, suddenly tasked with the solo care of their 18-month old child while also navigating the hospital, doctors, social workers, hospital administrators, etc. Please watch this space for updates and ways to help him and his family. If you can contribute anything towards his expenses, you can do so at  https://www.gofundme.com/f/jason-candler-relief-fund-for-medical-bills .

By way of my own introduction, I'm Ben Meyers; I played trombone with Jason in the Hungry March Band for around ten years, and have long admired the other work he was doing outside of the band. I heard about his stroke on Sunday night, April 11, and immediately wanted to help get information about his condition to the people I knew who loved and cared about him. I've been learning that there are a vast number of such people in New York and beyond, from Mott Street to Harlem to the Catskills to Marseille and a thousand other points around the world. This site can help us focus our healing energy on Jason and get him back to the pleasures of his life. Updates as I receive them.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Ben Meyers

Greetings all -- Jason has continued to make a lot of progress, slowly getting additional feeling in the affected areas, and doing daily physical therapy and rehabilitation. And he's become a chatterbox, calling people out of the blue!

HOWEVER: The rehab takes a lot of energy and focus, and Lily is concerned that the daily guests coming to visit with Jason are drawing energy away from that focus. She is requesting that rather than coming to see him in-person, people who wish to visit call him on his cell phone and have a conversation with him instead. We may be able to coordinate Facetime visits at some point in the near future, but for right now let's stick to phone calls.

We are all looking very forward to Jason getting back to his old self, and in order for this to happen in any timely way, we needs to be able to focus on getting his body working again through rehabilitative physical therapy. Thank you for understanding, and keep sending the good vibes!

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