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Jun 13-19

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The last month has sure been a difficult one. James has finished radiation. As I wrote about before James began experiencing pain in his sciatica. It was determined his pain was coming from his S1, radiation was completed but the pain was still present. Doctors guessed it was mostly likely due to inflammation from the radiation. 

James was then on a reduced dosage of his chemo pill until he completed radiation. Once radiation was completed his dosage was increased. Last week James was just not feeling great. We visited the doctor for some new unexplained pain in his abdomen. Labs were ordered, and a MRI and CT were completed. Labs came back with low platelets, low white blood cells, and elevated liver enzymes. He then began experiencing labored breathing as well as a productive cough and neuropathy in his hands and feet. 

 Yesterday we visited the doctor and received some difficult news. The cancer is progressing. James has many new nodules in both his lungs and liver. Which is really hard to digest when we’ve already heard “innumerable” nodules in both locations. His abdomen had some swelling and fluid retention as well. (The doctor is at a loss as to whether this is viral, chemo, or cancer related.) And there is a small spot located on his pancreas that is “unknown” at this time. 

Ugh. Onto a new chemo treatment we go. And we’ll continue to watch his body closely. 

Some good news is - James sciatica pain decreased this week! And labs done yesterday showed improvement in his WBC levels, platelets and liver enzymes. 

Please continue to do what you do for us (pray, send good thoughts or vibes - whatever you’ve got!) as our spirits are low. 🎗

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