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Site created on November 2, 2018

Hello friends.  
This message comes to you tonight with heavy hearts.  
It all started about 2 weeks ago after the boy's 9th birthday party.  Jake started coughing and noticed that he felt a little winded upon running or playing hard.  That week at school he was struggling with his breathing when he played in gym class.  We took him to urgent care at PIP in Maple Grove and they diagnosed him with an ear infection.  They said his lungs sounded great.  
Fast forward to  this morning.  He woke up very swollen and having difficulty breathing.  Sam took him in to North Clinic where they took a chest xray .  They saw a "white suspicious mass" on his lung area.  It was large enough that it was pushing on his heart and trachea.  They immediately recommended that we go to Children's MPLS.  Upon arrival they ordered a CT scan.  
This is what we know this far...….
He has a solid mass that Is invaded his lung space.  It most likely is very fast growing. 
 He had to have a procedure tonight to drain fluid around the mass so they can get in and biopsy it tomorrow and hopefully help him breathe better.  He did this without being sedated and with the assistance of his amazing dad by his side.  My warrior men, they amaze me so much.  He is such a strong and incredible kid.  Anyone that knows Jake well, knows that even flu shots have been  a struggle for him in the past.  God is already provided so much strength for all of us.
Tomorrow they will biopsy the mass and we should know in 24 hours or so of the diagnosis.  We have been informed that they think Jake has lymphoma.  As many of you know, Jake was one of the LLS boys of the year in honor of his mom a few years ago, and has emptied his piggy bank more than once to help fund a cure.  Although we aren't sure that this is his diagnosis, we are praying that whatever it is, it is treatable.
We serve an amazing healer in the Lord Jesus Christ and have and will pray for complete healing for Jacob.  He is our whole world and we hope you will join us on this prayer journey in hope of complete healing.  Please also pray for Sam, as this journey is far too familiar in his heart, And for Ben.  He is hurting too.  
Check back for updates.  We love you all.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Katie Rodriguez

It’s Chemo day. Gosh time seems to be flying. 
Our drive to the cities began early around 7:45am.  We didn’t think we would run into the snowy and icy weather that we did. We also unfortunately found ourselves driving opposite the horrendous accident that occurred on 94 west in Monticello this morning. It was something out of a movie 😢We don’t know the exact outcome of all involved, but pray that everyone got out with no fatalities.  After a 40 min delay or so from the accident  traffic, we arrived at Children’s. Today Jake received blood counts and Vincristine IV chemo. Most of his labs look ok. White blood cells and neutrophils are low, but nothing that was shockingly low.   Dr. Richards was concerned that his platelets plummeted from 200 to 83 from last visit. He said it most likely could be either a lab error(🙏🏼) or from the oral chemo he takes at home.  It’s been a blessing to find a great local pediatrician up in Brainerd for our boys, and our oncologist was going to call and discuss a repeat of blood counts in two weeks with him. Praying the platelets rise by then, otherwise we will look for other answers as to what is going on. Pray for increase in those. 🙏🏼
Jake continues to amaze us all with his strength and grace during this journey. It’s hard to believe he only has 4 treatments left. It’s steroid pulse week again and that seems to be the hardest part for him.  Praying for less bone pain and insomnia. Each month seems to bring new adventures. 😩
Even through the chaos of these crazy Covid times, and the uncertainty in many things in our everyday lives, there is one thing that is certain. It’s God. It’s his promises, his healing, his strength and his protection over all of us in our darkest hours. Psalm 38:14 reminds us that, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”.  Our pastor at Eaglebrook reminded us that no matter what,  “God is still in control.” 
Everyday I hear of a new challenge that a friend or family member is going through.  These times friends,  they aren’t for the weak. They have tested our patience and strength in ways we never knew existed. My hope is that you can all continue to feel blessings from the simple things. The things that we took for granted before “covid”, the uncertainty of the chaos and division with the election stuff. Before the stress from our children’s schools started shutting down, the anxiety of the unknown with that and before any of our kids got sick. Remember the things we barely recognized before the weight of this word tried to bring us down.  
I’m praying for peace in all of your lives and for love to remain in your hearts as we come upon this holiday season.  This time of year is usually filled with so much joy, yet this year finds people experiencing so many other emotions.  
My prayers go out to all the families of the kids still in the cancer battle, those who are just starting the battle and to the ones who have lost their battle.  You are never alone.  You are not forgotten. Our love to all. 

God bless,


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