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Site created on December 4, 2019

Isaac is 11 years old.  In 2019, it appeared that Isaac's gum had an abscess and it was treated as such.  It was evident that the treatment was not working so he saw an orthodontic surgeon who did a biopsy.  

In November 2019, the day before Thanksgiving we were told that Isaac had a rare form of jaw bone cancer called Ghost cel odontogenic carcinoma.  There were only about 38 recorded cases in the world and 5 of those were children.  Isaac was the sixth in the world. After much deliberation and research, Isaac’s medical team of surgeons had a treatment plan.  The treatment involved removing part of his lower jaw bone which was infected with the cancer.  They would then remove his fibula from his leg and graft that into his remaining jaw bone.  After many sleepless nights and prayers we decided as a family this was the best course of action.

On January27th, 2020, Isaac went through 12 hours of surgery.  The surgeons did an amazing job and Isaac came out of the surgery with no complications.  Isaac continues to wow is with his strength and courage.  He is now on the road of recovery.

Thank you God and all of you for the support and love.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Cindy Basurto

Fantastic news!!!!! Isaac's first annual MRI came back clear of any cancer in his head or neck. We are so blessed and grateful.
We are sorry we haven't updated in a while, but I think we were a little on edge with the MRI scan approaching.
Isaac continues to bloom through the year. Physically he is back to what he was before and emotionally and mentally he is getting stronger. He no longer tries to cover up his scars in public, but still struggles every so often with his missing teeth. Great news on that front though. Although, a molar near the surgery site is coming through and doctors say Isaac will be able to keep it and possibly his wisdom tooth when and if it comes in. Isaac was super excited about that because he wanted his real teeth back. Although he didn't mind when the tooth fairy broke the bank paying him for his surgery teeth that were removed. Lol.
All and all, Isaac is now being Isaac and enjoy life, until we have to be parents and tell him no. Cindy and I still get a little worried everytime he had a headache, stomach ache, or toothache, but totally not as much as the first few months.
The family is doing great. Isaac's cancer excuse is no longer working as leverage on his brothers anymore. Isaac only used it a few times. We told him that he better use it as much as possible, but he was a little shy about it. For those that might not know what I mean it goes like this. When Isaac wants something really bad from his brothers and they are refusing he says, "but I have cancer" and then the puppy eyes come. That's how he got his iPhone from his older brother. To be honest he only did a few times, but it worked. Because of him I can't use the "I only have on foot" thing.
Isaac went back to choir ( thank you RItechA and Mr. Brown. You you gave him back his confidence and passion to achieve his dream). He loves choir and gets super excited everytime. Here is a link ( ) from his last performance he participated in. It brought tears to our eyes and the memories of the past year flooded in. Our family is so blessed to have awesome people in our lives.
Cindy and I reminisce almost everyday about the support Isaac and our family received and continue to receive. We look through photos and videos and we are still in awe by what you all have done and continue to do.
One of the biggest blessings that I'm a grateful for is that you made Isaac to feel like he was accepted, loved, and not alone through this whole experience. I know that Isaac had felt distant and isolated at many times. You all pulled him through and made him feel like "ISAAC" again. Thank you!
Here are some of Isaac's other performances. Enjoy.
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