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Journal entry by Natalie Glunz

Good afternoon folks--

We have had a busy couple of days here so here is the latest.

First of all, Mom's legs are less swollen and less red than they were last week so that is a positive since she started on the lasix. 

I got here yesterday morning and we had a dressing change scheduled for 10:30. As soon as the nurse pulled back the dressing and I knew we were in trouble. Around the site of her port she has developed Impetigo on the skin. So her skin there is very red, angry and weepy. We met the oncologist on call, Dr. Oh, and he was so very kind and compassionate and reassuring to Mom. So after spending the morning at the Stockman Center, we came home to have some lunch and nap before our next adventure. 

At 2:45 we were scheduled to have her Groshong Catheter removed. This is the port that they administer her chemo thru. I've not had any experiences with FMH recently and to say that I was impressed was an understatement. Every person we encountered had a smile on their face despite it being the end of a crazy week. Charlie was the technician that removed the port and I'm pretty sure he is an angel with some unique skills. He was so patient with Mom and deftly removed the port and gave me instructions on how to care for the site. 

As side effects go, this is treatable and hopefully short term. But it is also a reminder of just how harsh any chemo is on the body. My brother Donny said it best, "it seems her body is under a general assault from all quarters".  Yes, yes it is. Her skin reminds me of onion skin typing paper--so very thin. Yet such an important barrier to infection.

The good news is that the infection did not penetrate her system--it is a topical infection. Praise God. 
Next week the doctors will decide of they are going to put another port in or just use an IV or what. 

So please continue to pray for God's healing hand in Mom's life. 

Ending on a positive note, for those of you who are not local to Frederick, the article below was just in the paper about a scholarship that Mom has funded. Always paying it forward.  

Also, it's National Sibling Day, so here we all are in the fall of 1963, having just moved into the "new house" which is where we live now. 

Thank you for your prayers and kindness and love. There is beauty all around us.  Look for it.
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