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Welcome to our CaringBridge for Helene Pine, a woman who touches and inspires so many people.  Helene is being cared for by Lennie, Ila, Caryl, David, Debbie, Ed, Joel, Eryca, Zak, Oren, Alana, Ari, Shayna, and teams of doctors, nurses, healers, family and friends. 

Helene had been feeling fatigued and weak for several months with pain in the abdomen area. Thorough examinations and tests did not determine the cause of her discomfort.
While  visiting relatives in Brooklyn with Lennie the 1st week of August, her fatigue became severe and she was admitted to a hospital. Sadly, tests discovered that she had malignant tumors in the liver. She and Lennie returned to Los Angeles on August 18, had a loving visit with all their children and grandchildren,  and close friends. They, and Ila, returned to their home in Palm Desert on Sunday, August 19.

She is receiving chemotherapy treatment, which optimally will shrink the tumors to provide more comfort and time. Her courage to choose treatment demonstrates Helene's strength and determination.  She is keeping positive through the support of amazing Lennie, her family and friends.

The CaringBridge Journal will provide updates on Helene's health; we'll keep it as up to date as we can. 

Helene is most energized while connecting with others, and in the meaningful relationships she has nurtured. You know that your words of love and support will help Helene deeply.  Scroll down to "Thoughts and Well Wishes" to send your message. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Helene Pine's Family

Hi everyone- Caryl here catching you up on how Mom’s been doing. She has been feeling a little less tired which makes her feel stronger. In fact last week she was telling everyone she spoke to in person or on the phone that she was feeling better and things are looking up! Her appetite is back and she has enjoyed eating a variety of foods from bagels/ lox to lamb chops!
Since the tumors have been shrinking and the blood markers have been dropping, the doctor gave mom the option to wait an extra week to have another chemo infusion (4 weeks instead of 3) hoping it would make her less tired. She did opt for this, and this Thursday is the next infusion. She continues to meditate, do tapping with affirmations, other healing things, and listen to her weekly taped sessions with her western/ eastern doctor who is so very encouraging and inspiring. 
Helene continues to enjoy visiting with her family and friends and relatives from near and far who come visit. Lately she even answers the phone to say hi and everyone is SO happy to hear her happy stronger voice. She truly appreciates the consistent calls from her family in Chicago and Brooklyn. 
We continue to listen to music, sing Yiddish songs, watch TV shows and movies. I’ve turned mom onto the show “When Calls the Heart” and she is enjoying the episodes.
Helene is getting physical and occupational therapies again working on moving and strengthening her core, arms and legs with the goal of walking again in a stronger and more balanced way. Debbie and mom were moving their legs ( exercising) while singing the Yiddish song Tumbailalika ( sp?).
Mom loves cuddling with her doggie Roxie and our dog Lucky is still keeping her company.
Some recent visitors were: David and Beth Tishler who brought yummy treats from our old fave bakery Fred’s,  Bryna and Marty, square dancing friend Mary Foley, Anita and George Cooks, Linda, Sheila, Paul and MaryAnne ( doggie Buddy too), Eryca and Taylor, Laura Rabin and Karen Kramer. Forgive me if I left someone out.
A pampering treat Linda arranged was for Maite, our hairdresser friend in LA. (she did all our hair for my wedding), to come and cut/ style mom’s hair!
As always I am so very grateful and thank my dad, ILA and David for their unwavering support taking care of Mom. A special thank you to Debbie, Joel, Ed and the grandkids who whenever possible come to help and visit. We all are still in awe of mom’s attitude and perseverance- a true role model to all.
I marvel at the amount of calls mom gets on a daily basis from her dear friends in Los Angeles, Palm Desert and friends and family from all over the U.S.
We appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers!
Please check out the new photos and all the photos in the Gallery!
Until next time❤️
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