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[For details of the Celebration of Life for Heather in Kennebunk on Saturday, please visit the "Newest Update" section, below.]

[To read the complete obituary, visit "Read More Journal Entries" which is part of the "Newest Update" section, below.]

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to share healing, laughter and love in remembrance of Heather and in support of each other. This is for family and friends to be updated on plans to celebrate the life of our friend and it is all in one place. Please keep sending your love and memories of Heather to each other on Facebook and other networks if that helps you, but share here, as well.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting, Heather would be pleased to know we all have a place to share our love.

This is how it all began, how many of us became aware of this tragic news. Her amazing husband Gilles let us know with this touching post on Facebook:

Gilles Vandevoorde is with Heather Long Vandevoorde and 2 others.
August 30, 2018
There are no words to express the way Tita, Jania and I are feeling. Heather passed away this morning in my arms surrounded by both our daughters in our house in Abu Dhabi.

We had no way to help her with the massive heart attack she suffered.

Heather was a great woman, an awesome Mommy, a fabulous, loving wife and an amazing friend. We miss her already and we are sure she will be missed by many.

Find the arrangements for her celebration of life in Kennebunk on Saturday, September 8, in the Newest Updates section, below. We will update this page with details of other events coming up in the UAE.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Alyson Austin

We are at 50 Local today for time to reflect and support each other as we celebrate Heather's life. Here are the people who were able to make the trip. Those of you who could not join us, please keep Heather, Gilles, Lolita and Jania in your thoughts.

Gail Austin
Susan Simmons
Patrick Simmons
Brendan Simmons
Maggie Simmons
Patrick Myers
Kelly Ames
Merrilee Paul
Bob Chalmers
David and Wendy Thompson
Bonnie Bushnell
Jonathan deGregoris
Stefan & Darcy Kuenzel
Betsy Long
Hope Norman
Bob Long
Carol Clark
Katie Clark
Jacob Balcom
Lucas Balcom
Karen & Emilia (Mia) Drury
Ian Austin
Joyce Amidio
Maureen Adams
Jeff Zdunczyk
Brigid Sadorf 
Heather Swanson
Ron Mueller
John Boston
Carol Boston
David Boston
Abbie Boston
Jeff Boston
Webster Boston
Tracey & Conor Long
Dorothy Shannon
Donna Littlefield
Julia Ladd
Butch Dymkowski
David and Susan (Falcone) Plass
Jean Eckland
Santhi Gollapalli 
David McCarron
Joan Carroll
diane Cullen
Nancy Barrett

...And the friends kept coming... Teachers, friends, mentors all showed up. We love you all. Thank you for being here.

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