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Site created on July 17, 2018

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Thank you for visiting. On July 8th, Gail and Bob were heading back from Italy on a plane to Dallas, during the flight Gail suffered a brain bleed. She was very blessed in that there were two doctors on the plane who acted quickly and told the pilot they need to get to a hospital. The plane made an emergency landing in Newfoundland. Gail is still in the hospital in Newfoundland. We anxiously awaiting her return to Dallas where she can begin her recovery.

Newest Update

Journal entry by julia shoemake

Many of you keep asking how is GIGI? She is doing amazing.
It truly is a miracle, from that first phone call from Newfoundland to now, is truly God’s hand at work.
Gigi is doing wonderful, she has graduated from physical therapy and only has a few more speech therapy sessions left.
The doctor yesterday said the BEST therapy is getting back to normal everyday life before the stroke and Gigi is doing just that. She is even back at Jazzercise!!! A goal she had at rehab.
Her progress will continue to improve and for that we are so thankful.
She has some more appointments to try to figure out what caused this stroke and to prevent anymore.
To quote GAIL this wasn’t on my bucket list. So figuring this out so it doesn’t happen again is where we are headed next.
Bob and her are headed to New Mexico to visit friends and enjoy the fall leaves.
I have to say that seeing Bob care and love on Gigi has been simply beautiful!! I know many of you ask about Gigi but Papa Bob for sure needs a shout out. He has been patient kind and loving and stepping up just as a wonderful spouse would do. Super sweet to see 50 years of marriage and know that Gigi is still loved well by Papa Bob, in today’s world that is a special treat to witness.
Even my Robert has shown his love for his mom by mall walking on Saturday’s with Gigi. If you know robert you know this is only because he lives his mom :).
Gigi is an amazing woman who has given so much to so many and I know my family wouldn’t be the same without her prayers, love and support so loving and helping her now is easy.
Thank you again for so much love for our Gigi. She truly is an amazing woman. We will keep you updated but pray specifically for a wonderful trip for Bob and Gail and for continued healing and progress for Gigi. We ask for prayers that we can find the cause of the stroke and for no more strokes for Gigi. Thank you again for loving her and standing in the gap for our family.
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