Finnegan’s Story

Site created on January 25, 2019

You’re here. We’re here. Not anywhere we ever thought we would be physically or emotionally but here we are. We have had such a huge response from multiple communities for Finnegan and that makes this a little easier to know we are surrounded by people who truly want the best for him. We wanted to create a spot that you could get information and know that its accurate and up to date with what we know. Feel free to send us messages or talk to our family as well. We may not respond to all the messages we receive but know that we have seen them and we are so so grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Finnegan is our first priority and we want to shower him with our attention at this time.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Brianna LaMotte

Finnegan had scans yesterday and they came back clear! He is officially in REMISSION! 2019 has been a long year and back in January we weren't sure we'd ever see this day, but its here! It's been a big week for Finn. He graduated from OT last week. There is still progress to be made using his left side but he's improved enough to be able to do most things by himself. He will continue to go to PT for awhile yet. He also had his audiology exam yesterday. His hearing dropped just slightly in the highest ranges so nothing that should affect his hearing of daily life. He'll continue to have check ups on his hearing every six months for awhile. Next week, he'll get his port removed. And then the next follow-up appointment is in March. So we'll have 3 months of no appointments!

Finn is doing amazing! He's continued to go to school part time and has started to have more endurance so we're slowly adding more time to his school days. His hair is starting come back in and his personality is emerging more and more everyday. 

Thank you for all the prayers and donations! We are so ecstatic to be where we are and incredibly proud of Finn for all that he's endured this past year. 2020 is going to be a great year!
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