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Dear Family and Friends:  Eric was experiencing abdominal pain at the end of May.  After several ultra sounds, C Scans and an MRI it was discovered that he has Pancreatic Cancer that metastasized to his liver.  So, the diagnosis is State IV Pancreatic Cancer.  Our world flipped upside down but now we are determined to get it back.  Eric's primary care doctor, Dr. Cecilia Kaesler, is Eric's biggest advocate (and an incredible doctor).  She was a professor at USC and is well connected to the medical community.  She directed us to the leading oncologist at the City of Hope.  He currently has a patient with stage IV Pancreatic Cancer who is 9 years into his treatment.  I'm holding onto this encouraging data.  Immunocellular therapy is the cutting edge treatment for this type of cancer and is proving successful.  Eric has an immune system like an Ox.  It will pull him through this muddy trail (like the bike analogy?).  Cancer causes blood clotting which put Eric into the hospital last week.  He had several "mini" strokes and a pulmonary embolism.  This is behind us.... hopefully treatments begin this week at the City of Hope.  Eric is going to continue working and riding his bike (doctor said it was okay).  But for now, he needs to recover from the stroke (the neurologist said he was a VERY luck man... he only suffered speech impairment).  Words cannot express my gratitude for all the prayers and support.  Eric is a loved man.  He's my superman who will beat all the odds.  I'll keep you posted as we continue with his treatments.  Much love to all.  Tricia

Newest Update

Journal entry by Tricia Hamilton

Dear Family and Friends:

Eric continues to stay strong and positive.  He finished his second round of chemo treatment on Wednesday, August 1st.  Fortunately the side effects have been minimal/manageable.  Eric rode his bike the day after chemo, with the drip attached to his Camelbak.  However, Eric's oncologist, Dr. Chung wants to add a 4th "drip" (Oxalipatin... I think?) to his chemo .  In order to administer the 4th drip, Eric needed a stent in his liver duct.  Reason being that the liver produces enzymes necessary to process the chemo and his liver wasn't processing enough of the enzyme (due to a block in the duct).  The procedure was last Thursday, August 9th. It went well.

His next round of chemo is Wednesday, August 15th.  He will receive all 4 for his chemo therapy.  

Our youngest son, Garrett, is heading to the University of Utah this Tuesday, August 14th.  My stepmom, Cyndi, will be driving with me to U of U for his "move-in" the Thursday.  Austin will be at home to help Eric. 

Meal train and Postmates have helped us navigate through the challenge of adjusting to doctor's appointments, chemo and unpredictable "procedures."  Eric's beginning to put on some of the weight he lost 8 weeks ago when he was diagnosed.  Our gratitude and love is felt every day. 

The phone calls, texts, emails, etc. from everyone has been wind in our sails.  Priorities become very clear when confronted with a health challenge.  It's all about the love we share with one another.

Eric's 4th chemo treatment is September 5th.  The following week he will have a catscan/MRI to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.  I'm holding onto the fact the Eric is feeling better and is strong and healthy.

Initially, the cancer caused Eric's blood to coagulate and throw blood clots.  He ended up in the hospital (2 different times) with a pulmonary embolism and then multiple strokes (BEFORE chemo began).  Those issues are resolved and Eric is feeling much better.  He's happy to be back at work and on his bike.

We are taking one day at a time.  Never hesitate to call, text, email of stop by.

It is your caring thoughts, love, support and kindness that is keeping us strong.

I will update after his 3rd treatment.


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Thoughts & Well Wishes

Lynn Siodmak | Jul 28, 2018
Hi dear Hamiltons,

I'm elated to hear your Mountain Medicine trip went off as planned!  I'm
sure you're on your way back now. 

Eric, I'm sorry you have to go through this, but best wishes for successful
treatments and coming out stronger than ever.  You are surrounded
by so many who love you.  I'm grateful you know what's going on and there 
is a good plan.

I'm back from Norway now and enjoyed the paddling, hiking, and culture
over there.  I'll see you all soon.

love,  Lynn
Joyce Ayoob | Jul 16, 2018
Dear Eric, Tricia, Austin and Garrett,
We send our love and prayers as you join together to fight back. You have an amazing support system, and we know Eric is so strong and disciplined. We are here to help with meals, a visit or a hug. We will be in touch soon. 
Richard, Joyce, Paul, Elizabeth and Steven Ayoob
Teresa Aubert | Jul 16, 2018
Dear Eric, Trisha, Austin and Garrett, 
We are crushed that you have this situation to deal with, but want to assure you that you shall NOT do it alone! Our hearts go out to you and we wish to be here for you in any way that can be helpful.  Please let us know what you need and together with your MANY friends and fans, we will help you through this! We can't imagine anyone more capable of fighting this than mind and body! Our thoughts and prayers are pulling for you.  Be strong and know that you have the love and support of so many!
Love & hugs,
Teresa, Garth, Cameron & Lindsey and Devin
heart 2 Hearts
Lynn Siodmak | Jul 16, 2018
Dear Eric & Tricia,

I’m sending strong thoughts your way!  It was encouraging to read Tricia’s entry about Eric’s condition, and she speaks the truth when she describes how strong you are Eric.  You will overcome this!

I’m very glad bike riding is in your near future.  In the meantime, recover well and I’ll see you all soon.  I’m away this week, but Sunday will
be back in the states.

My love to you both, and Austin and Garrett too.