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Hello friends and family,

Some of you may or may not know that I have been diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure as the result of a heart attack. 

It all started in January before my birthday. Tired of a persistent cold, I went to my doctor, who diagnosed me with walking pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. When the same symptoms continued into February, I went to urgent care and was told I had acute bronchitis. I was given a steroid shot and another z-pack of antibiotics. On March 4th, I had what felt like an anxiety attack (shortness of breath), so I went back to my doctor the next day. An ekg was done and I was told to see a cardiologist. I left the appointment and met my dad for breakfast, where I had another breathing attack walking across the parking lot.

I was then taken to the Randolph ER. After blood work and a cat scan, I was told I had suffered a heart attack. I was sent to Moses Cone and put into the cardiac ward. On March 7th, a cath revealed a 95% blockage in one aorta, in which a stint was then placed. It was determined that the heart attack had caused extensive damage to the lower half of my heart to the point that only 25% of my heart was pumping. Doctors diagnosed that a virus (which could have been as simple as a cold) had attacked my heart. This caused fluid buildup around my heart which got into my lungs, which is why everyone thought I had bronchitis and pneumonia, and caused the severe heart attack. I was released on March 10th with a “wearable defibrillator“ LifeVest. The device continuously monitors my heart to detect life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms, delivering an electrical shock treatment to restore my hearts rhythm if needed (this has yet to occur).

On my latest follow-up appointment (May 17), a sonogram was preformed, which showed no improvement in my heart's muscle. I was diagnosed with NSVT (Non-Sustained Ventricular Tachycardia) and chronic combined systolic and diastolic heart failure.

Moving forward, my next appointment is to meet with an echocardiologist on June 5th, to consult about an implantable defibrillator.

I have come to the realization that I will need help. Anyone who knows me, knows I do not like to ask for help...I enjoy helping others. My goal is to do and pay for as much as I can afford. However, I do not have disability insurance, nor am I allowed to drive or work. I am currently on 5 different medications two of which insurance won’t cover, which costs $500.00 each per month. The cost of the LifeVest is $3,000 a month. March and April were covered by medical insurance. However, since there have been no shocks delivered to correct any arrhythmias during that time, insurance is not paying for this last month, or going forward.

Many of you have asked how you can help. If you have the ability to donate towards the above expenses, please visit my Go Fund Me campaign :  ( ) or ( ( Your donations will go towards assisting with medical bills as well as day-to-day living expenses.

I understand that everyone has family and friends that need assistance and financial needs of their own. If your way of helping is a different avenue than donations, know that I love you and appreciate you in whatever capacity you support me. Your prayers are certainly a very powerful way to support me as I continue to battle this diagnosis. God is able.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Eric Edmonds

Hello Friends and family...Thanks for the prayers and support..The last report from the Doctors gave me a glimmer of hope...On June 5th I went to go see the Electro-Cardiologist for a consolation..After spending some time with him,and with him explaining all about the implantable defibrillator and how it work and how they install it he tells me that he wants to wait about the installation of it for me...His plan is to give the “new” medicine time to work and said that it has been proven to help strengthen the heart in people with my problem...I have to go back several times in the next few months for testing,and keep praying by the time my next ECHO is done in September there will be improvement in my heart..They want to up the Millagrams slowly so that my body can adjust.On a better note, I was able to loose the Life Vest and I’m now able to drive short distances,but have not been released to go back to work yet.
 Things are looking up for me,I still am having dizzy spells,but hope my body will adjust to the medicine and keep praying my heart will improve.. Again...Thanks for EVERYTHING...GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
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