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Journal entry by Eliza Andrews

Every second specialty is threatened with automation. This is the result of a study of the future work that was conducted at Oxford University five years ago. Now we are seeing how the forecast is gradually realized.
The founder of Kaggle, a company specializing in working with large data, Anthony Goldblum says, not everything is so sad. There are a number of professions that will never replace a machine. Fast-adapting people will not be left without work.
"Machines do poorly with unusual situations. They are "lost" when performing tasks that they have not faced many times. The main problem of machine learning is that it requires large arrays of already accumulated data. And people manage without it. We are able to combine seemingly disjointed ideas, to solve the problems that we face for the first time, "Goldblum says.
A striking example of this is Percy Spencer, a physicist who worked during the Second World War to create a radar.
One day he noticed that his chocolate melted from the magnetron. Also he thinks creative writing will be popular in the future. Big companies such as Edubirdie will grow permanently.He combined his understanding of electromagnetic radiation with cooking skills and invented a microwave oven.
"The future of any work or specialty is to answer just one question: to what extent does this work boil down to frequently recurring, voluminous tasks, and to what extent do unique tasks have to be solved on it?" The expert says.
He is confident that the machines did not succeed in solving innovative problems. For example, in a marketing campaign, advertising should attract the attention of consumers, stand out among others. The business strategy is to find vacant, undeveloped niches in the market. Only people can create advertising campaigns and business strategies. Such a work is beyond the power of machines.
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