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Welcome to Elin’s CaringBridge website.

For those of you who don’t know Elin Henderson here is a little glimpse into her life and the current difficult journey she has begun.
Through the 44 years of her life, Elin Henderson has given herself to be God’s hands and voice as a daughter, wife, mother, sister, teacher, nurse and friend.  Her love for God has always come first in her life. Leading Elin, her husband Phil and the their two beautiful children (Callie and Elias) to the Mission Field of Mozambique, Africa. They have faithfully been church planting there for 15 years now. She has poured out her love, time and energy to so many as a missionary; healing with her nursing abilities and teaching Gods Word to countless people in word and action. 
Elin has just been diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer called Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Her treatments and surgery will begin this week and will continue for at least a year. 
We have created this page to simplify communication during the cancer journey.  We hope to bring updates as possible along the way. 
I believe I can speak for Elin and Phil when I say they will covet your prayers and support during this time.  
I’m reminded of the story of Elijah as I write these words.  In I Kings 19 Elijah, the prophet, was faced with crazy queen Jezebel trying to kill him.  He fled for his life, hid under a bush, prayed to die and then fell asleep. He was in an overwhelmingly difficult circumstance, who can blame him.  Then the next thing we know the angel of the Lord wakes him and says “Get up and eat” (I Kings 19:5). He eats and lays back down.  The angel comes again and says “Get up and eat for the journey is to great for you” (I Kings 19:7).  Then we read that Elijah was strengthened by the food for forty days and forty nights until he reached Horeb. That must’ve been some supernatural food!
We know this journey is indeed to great for Phil and Elin.  BUT we also know, by faith, the journey is not to great for God.  When we are weak He is Strong! He will be their supernatural food that will sustain them through the road ahead. 
If you would like to be part of this journey please follow along! 
Thank you from Elin’s sisters ❤️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Daniel & Becky Duncan

Thank you all SO much for your prayers for Elin and her family! Here is a post that she wrote recently!
The sun has set on a very long and challenging season of my life. After a full year, today was the last day of my cancer treatments. I'm so thankful for the cancer team at Aurora medical center. I've grown to love these nurses, doctors and team members. It was almost bittersweet today to say good by. But, I'll be back for another round of visits and checks in March before I head overseas. 
I sat this morning reflecting on God's goodness and faithfulness to me and my family through this hard time. Excited to see what God has for me (and us) in this new season of life.”
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